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How do you submit Linux gaming news? (Groups : Linux Gamers : Forum : Help : How do you submit Linux gaming news?) Locked
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Nov 10 2012 Anchor

I've been hanging around kickstarter a lot on projects that support Linux, including being one of the kickstarter members who message project leads who haven't committed to Linux support. I'd like to be able to post news about projects that have declared native Linux support, or suggest that others make Linux inquiries to projects that seem like they might be swayed given enough interest. Where would I send stuff like that to get posted? I'm hoping you're not going to say just use the forums... I'm fine with that for maintaining the list of ongoing kickstarters, but new articles on the front page generally get quicker attention and kickstarter news is pretty time-sensitive.

Nov 10 2012 Anchor

Personally I'm not fond at all about kick-starter news as this place there is more hot air than substantial stuff. If you want though to write articles about that you can do so. Go to the "Features" tab in this group and locate the "+" sign next to "Features (view related)" text. You can then write your article and it will be linked by default with this group (after authing by the ModDB crew as with all articles).

Nov 11 2012 Anchor

Strangely, I don't see any '+' near 'Features (view related)', this is what it looks like in my FF 16.0.2 -- am I overlooking something?

Nov 11 2012 Anchor

Looks like a bug in ModDB. I'll get in contact with INtense! to get it fixed.

Nov 11 2012 Anchor

Someone else pointed out that 'features' from the toplevel News dropdown does have a '+' for submitting features. I just gave it a try, so let me know if it ended up in your queue of pending submissions. I'm hoping that's the case, rather than it going to some toplevel site admin.

Um I don't suppose there's any way to get the submission switched over from 'features' category to 'news'? Because it really isn't a feature, it's just news that's going to go stale after a couple weeks.

Nov 11 2012 Anchor

if you submit news here: www.moddb.com/news/add you should be able to search for and link "linux gamers".

you cannot directly do it via the groups page that's all since you are not a group admin

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