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In the year 2020, there are no flying cars or futuristic cities. All of mans innovations have been built for war at this point. As the last of the Earths resources dwindle away, it was as if God himself had awoke a strange and mysterious island from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The island is vast and filled with natural resources, enough to fuel a country indefinitely. As news of this island arrived, almost every country in the world mounts an invasion fleet, ready to establish a foothold on the island. But this is a savage place where even the plants are willing to kill the intruders. Of the countless countries that sent their troops, only eleven made it to the island itself, but in the darkness of war, four armies will stand for their own agenda, unaware of what fate has in store for them. This is our story.

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Prologue - John "Red Baron"

Prologue - John "Red Baron"

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The first of four back stories for the main characters of 4 Armies.

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