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(Game competition here on DBolical.com) This is just a normal group for people who can win great prizes. All competitions will have different marks on them, which will show who is sponsoring the game. The different contests to come is not sponsored by DBolical.com - As long as you have a DBolical.com user and a Steam user you will have permission to join the group.

RSS K-J Game Competition - Halloween Time!

Halloween competition is now back again in October!

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Things to Do on This Halloween 2

K-J Game Competition - Halloween Time!

~ Four different game competitions ~

Again comes the big game contest with many scary games and more. Like many of you out there have the ability to win games. Now I have planned alone to keep four different game competitions on (K-J Game Competition - Group) here on ModDB.com

~ I have set the date for the four different game competition as you can see here ~
Game Competition 01: 05.10.15 - 09.10.15
Game Competition 02: 12.10.15 - 16.10.15
Game Competition 03: 19.10.15 - 23.10.15
Game Competition 04: 26.10.15 - Halloween day
Things to Do on This Halloween 2
I'm not going to tell what kind of game it is, it will just ruin the surprise. But I can tell that some of the games will involve horror, monster, zombie, shooting and blood. This is after all Halloween month, so it must be such type of games. You who do not know this group can get all the info you need to join the competition here - Link: K-J Game Competition (And) Game Competition rules.
Things to Do on This Halloween 2

I also sponsors horror groups this year here on DBolical.com

~ This is great groups you can talk with others about horror games and other things as well ~

Join the K-J Game Competition to have a better view when a competition is set. Send me a private message if you have any questions and I wish you who wants to be part of this good luck and comment what you think about this, below this.


Can't wait to see what you got!

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it's either the evil within or silent hill

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Kark-Jocke Author

Four different games, one never knows what will come.

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Horror and sci-fi?
FEAR and Alien Isolation.

At least that's my guess.

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what are the games which are being rolled?

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Kark-Jocke Author

"I'm not going to tell what kind of game it is, it will just ruin the surprise." says in the news.

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Omg if it's H1Z1 or State of Decay, i'm in xD

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