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(Game competition here on DBolical.com) This is just a normal group for people who can win great prizes. All competitions will have different marks on them, which will show who is sponsoring the game. The different contests to come is not sponsored by DBolical.com - As long as you have a DBolical.com user and a Steam user you will have permission to join the group.

RSS Games competition comes now, back to ModDB!

Confirms that the group is now opened to August 2015

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Games competition comes now, back to ModDB!

Confirms that the group is now opened to August 2015

As many already know it's a group here on ModDB.com called K-S games competition, but has now become K-J game competition. The group was closed because one of the sponsors stopped being here on ModDB.com / There are some other people who have sponsored games that others can win as well.

I have now decided to open up the group, so it is possible to win games agian. I've written before, I have an incredible number of games in stock that must get out. So there will be many new games competitions now coming August 2015. I Kark-Jocke will be the main sponsor for this group. All are allowed to join the competitions to come, but there is requirement that you must have (ModDB User) to write and enter the competition, and (Steam User) so that it is possible to send the game to you if you win.

~ Watch the new trailer here ~


Omg Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer soundtrack! x3

Also looking forward for the competition, although I'm not sure if I can participate in this again since steam region locked my country :/

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If Southeast Asia works the same way as CIS countries and Latin America, it should not be a problem.

The reason it exists is because we get a discount in the price, because of market differences. For example, Natural Selection 2:

Dollar: US$9,99
Real: US$6.37 - R$19,99
Ruble: US$4.45 - 249р.
Rupiah: US$6.77 - Rp 89,999

As you can see, we pay less than the Dollar. This region lock is to prevent us from reselling to them, which would allow people from NA/EU to pay less and we profit from it.

AFAIK, this means Kark-Jocke would be able to gift you a game, but you would not be able to gift him one.

The region lock would only be a problem if someone else from one of those regions that isn't yours does a giveaway.

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Ohh my I understand now. Thank you for letting me know :3

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Kark-Jocke Author

Those who win the game, will receive it as a gift through friends section. I never sent a written code that you must type in to open the game. I makes sure that those who win will receive the game.

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looking forward to it

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Glad to see it back! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. =D

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