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(Game competition here on DBolical.com) This is just a normal group for people who can win great prizes. All competitions will have different marks on them, which will show who is sponsoring the game. The different contests to come is not sponsored by DBolical.com - As long as you have a DBolical.com user and a Steam user you will have permission to join the group.

RSS Game Competition (Darkness II)

Halloween competition 3 of 4 / Now you have a chance to win a game called "Darkness II" In this contest will there be selected 3 lucky winners!

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Game Competition (Darkness II)

Halloween competition 3 of 4

In the two years since the events of the first game, Jackie Estacado has become the don of the Franchetti crime family. Though he still wields the Darkness, a malevolent force that has given him supernatural powers, Jackie has managed to suppress the entity.

Thanks to guidance from estranged occultist Johnny Powell. However, Powell became mentally unstable and fled from Jackie, afraid of the Darkness influencing him further. Jackie still struggles with the death of his girlfriend Jenny Romano, which the Darkness had prevented him from stopping.

Game Competition (Dead Island Collection)

~ Answer the following questions to win ~

  • Question 01: If you could have chosen a dark power ability, what would you have chosen?

This competition is under the Rule nr. 01 - (Game Competition Info)
Three winners will be drawn in this competition.
This competition will expire 23.10.2015 - (The Competition is now closed)
Those who win will be contacted by those who Sponsor this competition.
The game will be handed on PC through Steam.
To aid delivery through Steam friend one of the Sponsors.
To see Sponsor list refer to main blog here.

Sponsor of this competition is: Kark-Jocke

~ I wish you all good luck and may the best win ~


1) I would have choosen the power of killing someone just by thinking of him, its practical and clean.

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1) Power of spitting darkness into someones eyes to blind them temporarily, in order to make darkness for people where there is none. To not have to rely on creating it by destroying lights, I shall extinguish the light in others so as.

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1) Power of manipulation of shadows into lethal attacks, no one would know what hit them... Literally.

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1)Devil Forgemaster (The power to create any demon/monster/unholy thing if you played Castlevania CoD)

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Fail i wanted to say if you played catlevania CoD (Curse of Darkness) Basiclly the same but more OP

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1) The power to mess with people's minds (not only while dreaming, awake too).

They would not be able to distinguish between what is real and what is not. They would be in places they have never seen before, places that defy logic. They would see strange creatures that would try to kill them. They could try to fight back, they could even succeed, but remember, they might be awake.

He might have killed a monster in the Darkness, but what did he kill in the real world?

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