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Housing - Tenting - Food (Groups : 1099: The First Crusade Followers : Forum : Ideas : Housing - Tenting - Food) Locked
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May 3 2011 Anchor

If you living in a city you may have house and you can stock food and other items. You may only stock food in a tent. You can stock 30 days food in house and 7 days food in a tent. Everyday you consume 1 slot food which means if you don't login for 31 days, your character is dead. If you are not living in a city, when you logout, a tent appears where you logout and lets say you got 3 days food, when you login after 3 days, you live but you must find some food to survive again. A tent will protect you when you are offline as long as you got food. But when you login again if enemy surrounded you, you can do nothing but surrendering.

May 4 2011 Anchor

Well it would take more than a day to starve to death.

other than that, sounds good.

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