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Bullshit map size! (Groups : 1099: The First Crusade Followers : Forum : Ideas : Bullshit map size!) Locked
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May 3 2011 Anchor

You say, walking from oneside to otherside of UK will take 7 days. That's good but absolutly ridiculous. The map should be 1/1000 size or smaller if we talking about whole europe. Because there's no way to model 10000+ fiefs, castles, cities, villages, little villages, and also player-made cities as you say. Whole europe is such a big work at this scale. You cannot model that much cultures, even if you do it will take years. Or there will be no architectural difference between Paris and Istanbul. It's so so so hard to create that atmosphere. Also there's no chance to populate that kind of scale, even if you do it everywhere will be ghost towns which will make the game boring as hell.

My suggestion is reduce the scale or focus on a area smaller. You can do Holy Land, Cyprus, Gaza, Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus, Antioch... Or you can do Britania. Walking from Paris to Istanbul should take a hour. Even that scale is such a big place for a MMO. I am a realism maniac too but for this games' success, this must happen. You will need whole europe to play your game if you wanna do a map in this scale.

And also this is a "Indie Project". Please reduce the scale for fucks' sake. Be logical! This is the realistic way you realism maniacs.

May 4 2011 Anchor

We have a very unique way of doing this, but first we will release the map, piece by piece.

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