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Are you a 3D artist? Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you just want to collaborate or know who your fellow ModDB artists are? Doesn't matter what application you use or how you do it... if you're a modeller, animator, skinner or looking at getting started with 3D, then this is the group for you!

RSS New gamedev resource: iMeshup—a 3D game art pipeline tool

iMeshup is an online toolkit built to help 3D artists and gamedev studios collaborate on game graphics. It lets you view and comment on 3D models (a la Sketchfab), accept/reject files, and organize your assets in the cloud.

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Responding to an efficiency problem

Video games require a ton of work, especially when 3D graphics are involved. Handling 3D assets for game development is complicated—it's a combination of crazy heavy file formats and complex desktop software. Modifying and versioning these files takes hours of meetings, emailing, screenshotting, and linking. Design teams often struggle to get all the pieces together. It means tired workers and late releases—it’s the notorious “crunch time” problem in the game development industry.

Goodbye, crunch time!

iMeshup aims to be the tool game development studios can use to release their 3D games faster, from anywhere on Earth. It is an online management system for the game development industry: everyone from small indie teams to up-and-coming studios. It’s place where game developers can store, organize, and review 3D assets— all in the cloud. iMeshup wants to make reviewing 3D files will be as easy as reviewing 2D files.

Fresh features

iMeshup allows game development studios to get all the pieces of game projects together quickly with seamless uploading, on-the-model-commenting, and easy versioning. It combines top-notch repository functionality with visually-accurate compression and viewing capability to give users a way to inspect, discuss, and accept 3D models and 2D files of any kind. To make things easier with clients and team members alike, none of it requires any expensive desktop software to use.

By game dev, for game dev

iMeshup is developing this product in close cooperation with small to mid-size game dev studios, including a partnership with Warsaw-based Fuero Games. iMeshup’s features are designed to address the specific needs of the games industry— like integration with popular programs like Slack, Unity, Blender, 3ds Max, and more.

Free trial

iMeshup’s new website launched on December 4th, 2018. There is a free trial for anyone curious to try out the website, and the company is eagerly awaiting feedback from 3D artists and game developers. “We’re incredibly proud to be starting something new in one of the most supportive communities out there,” says iMeshup founder Duke Vu. “Game development, especially independent and by small- to mid-range studios, is an effort that embodies team spirit. So we’re excited—so far, we’ve had talks with Unity, Creative Mobile Games, and many local Polish game dev companies.” iMeshup looks forward to user feedback as they break into this community and meet their first clients.

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