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Run giveaway RSS Robothorium: Tactical Revolution (RPG / Strategy)

Special Gamescom. We offer you 50 copies of Robothorium Soundtrack! Enjoy this awesome hand-made soundtrack.

Created by Goblinzstudio on

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50 copies of Robothorium: Tactical Revolution (RPG / Strategy) won on Steam

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jhr76 - - 2 comments

Are you giving away the soundtrack or the game plus the soundtrack?

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G0t0wned - - 733 comments

Thanks :)

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hobaki - - 1 comments

Soundtrack only??

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Hmrocker - - 424 comments


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CosmicHolidays - - 11 comments

Hi, it is indeed the soundtrack only.

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JoséCalderón - - 167 comments

Thank you

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YYIII - - 2 comments

It says that I need to activate the base game first.

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AHrEJl - - 75 comments

Dont have game xD

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drabelincoln - - 39 comments

yeah looks like its DLC not the game.. I got the same message upon activation

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Xaviskate - - 3 comments

Omg. Do you can give the game instead of this pls? xD

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