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Monsters! Monsters everywhere! Fight your way through endless waves of baddies decided to rip you apart. Upgrade your gear in the shop and use more than 15 weapons at your disposal to score a bloody touchdown! Features 17 different enemies, 13 amazing powerups, a skill upgrade system, world leaderboards and as much blood as personality!

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This is actually a pretty fun game. It takes the dual stick shooter mechanic and changes it up by turning your "ammo" into a football that's more like a boomerang, and can only be thrown as often as it comes back. There's plenty of powerups, upgrades, and more to keep things interesting too.



Simple, funny and above all, very addicting.
Ohhhhh... a very, very, very, very addicting game... xD


A terribly rote high score survival game with upgrades. The lack of a familiar control scheme and spotty controller GUI support detracts even further.


Zombie Football Carnage is an amazing Xbox Live Indie Game. The game is very well crafted and so much fun to play. You can throw footballs at monsters to attack them. There are a bunch of different enemies and you can upgrade your character. You can upgrade your health, armor, your football throwing attack, your dash, and primary and secondary abilities. This is great especially since I found it very challenging from the start. There are different powerups in this game and it get addictive to play. There are so many waves in this game, I don't know when it ends. When does it end? The boss fights are interesting. The graphics are very impressive with great quality textures and a unique art style. The particle effects look stunning. This game has its own achievements as well but they don't go towards your Xbox Live Gamerscore since its an indie game. Go purchase this game... Go.. Go NOW! Get IT!


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