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Can YOU survive? Flesh-eating zombies are invading -- fight back with everything you've got! In the blackness of night, bloodthirsty zombies have risen from the graveyard with just one goal: destroy your hometown and kill everyone in it. And now they're everywhere, from the football field to the frat house. Choose your weapon -- from crossbows to flamethrowers to machine guns -- and unleash a lethal storm on the walking dead. Only you can stop the terror in Big Corn City. Zombie Blaster! brings the undead to life in frighteningly realistic 3-D graphics. Collect zombie heads to upgrade your weapons and unlock all 5 levels of danger. Exciting gameplay and non-stop action make Zombie Blaster! the must-play new game. Features include: * Zombie Battles - Destroy evil ghouls invading your town * Exciting Gameplay - Non-stop shooting action in 5 locations * Realistic 3-D Worlds - Rich "in your face" graphics * Choose Weapons - Full arsenal includes pistols, rifles, machine guns, and more

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