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ZARTs is 2D turn-based battle games.
You can customize and upgrade each characters for fight various enemies.


•Various playable unit
Each unit has their skills, you can manage status and gear for them.
-Max level is 99.

•Status Upgrade
Use status points to make stronger units.
6 type of status is: Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligent, Dexterity, Lucky
-Max value per type is 100 for 1-3 star units.
-Max value per type is 110 for 4 star units.
-Max value per type is 120 for 5 star units.
-Max value per type is 130 for 6 star units.
-Level 1-10: 2 status point per level gained.
-Level 11-50: 3 status point per level gained.
-Level 51-90: 4 status point per level gained.
-Level 91-99: 5 status point per level gained.
Overall is 340 status point you can spend per unit at max level.

Equip gear for status improvement each units.
3 Type of gear is: Weapon, Armor, Equipment

•World Map
World map is the way you can explore through whole game stages.

•Fast & Easy
When you finished one enemy, next enemy is prepared for you.
it's easy to learn how to play.

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