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The Xoid is an Isometric survival game, optimized for mobile devices, with simple controls and simple rules, children and adults alike will bound to be addicted after there first attempt at The Edge. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as you can, while utilizing a series of killsteaks and lasers to destroy your foes. Once you loose your health, don't fret, the game must go on. Unlike traditional gaming where you must get a team mate to revive you or just simply die. The Xoid allows you to restore your capabilities to yourself. How? You ask, well when you lose your health, you turn into a character that appears to be an enemy, you must then decide what orange cuboid - boid - you are by firing your laser, using your kill streaks and the bars at the side of the map. Use these to aid in your attempt to collect a health pack without falling off the edge, The pack will restore you back to your original state, allowing you to continue your struggle.

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Over the past few months ive been very busy with exams and work, this is not the common blog post you might see for the game. I am going to go into detail on what is to come, and why you should be a part of it as soon as possible.

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The Edge has been well received by the public, which is amazing and couldn't have been more proud of the game. Some of you have even spent over 30 minutes playing the game in one session - i assure you im working on that pause button, promise! So as you can see from the image below, the game looks different.. not a lot different, nor a bad different but a very positive different which improves the game juice and makes the once minimal pretty game even more so! Players were getting confused from the text based tutorial, and didn't realise you could actually fire a laser and wondered wth the ammo thing at the top of the page was. Well there is now a small tap text piece where you well... tap! It makes it easier to see where you should tap and in all, keeps the ui clutter down to a minimum still. The opacity is low so you can still see the sky particles through it.


The sky is now a small gradient, to resemble a standard habitable environment with a lighter sky such as earth. It makes it feel that little bit more familiar to the player, and allows them to get even more so engrossed in the environment.


The game is currently only out for android, there is two apks one with ads and one without. I am working on post v2.0 update to change this ready for the iOS release. So the game will be out on iOS soon (i really cant stress how bad i want this but i don't have access to any hardware currently). I plan on changing this to all iap - in app purchases - allowing you to download one copy of the game ( will migrate to the lite version, pro users will get a free upgrade don't worry) allowing them to have the option to remove those pesky ads. This improves workflow for myself and allows for updates to come out even quicker as i don't have to switch between builds. So in summary v2.0 -> iOS -> IAP's and leaderboards, achievements etc in expected 2.4 update!

So there you have it, a good idea on development and how things are looking from this point forward. The date is currently 24th June 2016 and im currently at an analytical internship with expedia - ikr what? - where im getting a solid understanding on the mobile ad revenue market along with desktop. This along with the upcoming partnership with a publisher will start CJG Studio < cjgstudio is the insta!


Watch this space ..

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