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XERA is an open world humanoid-apocalypse multiplayer survival game.

It was the year 2017, Artificial Intelligence was becoming more and more popular around the world. Due to the potential threat of AI becoming self-aware, the governments of the world had to work together to prevent the possible extinction of the human race, in doing so, they created the XERA Corporation. A new law was soon taken up by all governments of the world. This law strictly prevents any further research and development of artificial intelligence. There was a loophole, which would allow the XERA Corporation to legally seize all research and prototypes created, and continue the research and development at its own facility.

In 2018, the first artificial intelligent humanoid went online.

Humanity couldn't accept it, the world fell into war. Everything is chaos, its kill, or be killed. The government soon took over the XERA facility, and reprogrammed the humanoids to try keep the citizens in control.

Something went wrong, the updates were corrupted. They started to turn against the whole of humanity.

This is a story of a future, no one saw coming.


  • MMO Style Bank/Vault (Storing your loot in a safe zone, to access later)
  • Open World
  • Multiplayer Survival
  • PVP Focused Gameplay
  • New feel to the survival genre
  • Full Loot Drop
  • Night & Day Cycle

What is different about XERA to other survival games?

Most survival games are surrounded around the “zombie” genre and don’t really go into other story lines. We feel this is a very saturated genre and is getting very boring. Instead of zombies, XERA has Killer Humanoid Robots to mix things up a bit.

Like most survival games, finding food and fluids is essential to your survival. While we didn’t want to make this the main focus of the game it is still an element you need to consider while playing.

We wanted to simplify the survival experience, so there’s no breaking legs, arms or toes when you walk down a hill.

How many people will be able to play per server?

We are carrying out stress testing currently to figure out that “sweet point” of players. But we are aiming at around 50 players per server.

As a developer what are your main focuses for XERA?

We feel that developers get lost in their direction to develop a self-sustaining game. We have set some very solid missions to stick by.

Here’s our main focuses:

  • Frequent Content – We will bring you constant updates to the game, this includes new content, bug fixes and more.
  • Community Driven – We strive to have a community driven game. Based off community feedback we want the players to have control over the game.
  • Cheaters – A lot of games in this genre fall flat because of cheaters. While cheating in games is inevitable we will work around the clock to put measures in place to prevent, catch and prosecute cheaters. We will be building an in-house solution as well as using a third-party solution to combat cheaters.
  • Performance – We understand that not everyone has a NASA super-computer, and that’s ok. We will strive to optimise XERA so that a larger audience can play.

What engine is XERA built on?

XERA is built on Unreal Engine 4.

How big is the map?

Right now the map is 1.7KM x 2.0KM and about 70% of that is playable area. The engine that we use provides us with the tools to extend the map whenever we need. So this is likely to increase over time.

How big is the team?

Right now we are a team of 2, a Developer/Designer and a Community Manager. We are looking at extending the team as soon as we can.

What about customisation?

Customisation is something we see in the roadmap. We envision this to be through skins, character models, clothes and other cosmetic items.

Will there be base building?

We don’t see base building being a major factor in XERA. While we do plan on implementing minimal fortification and barricading as a simpler alternative.

What about crafting?

Same scenario as base-building. We don’t want to over complicate the game, we’re going after a more simplified arcade style survival experience. If there is going to be any crafting – it will be very minimal.

Community Involvement

Since day one, the community has been helping XERA come to life. Most of the development was live streamed on Twitch and we have been taking feedback in constantly while we build XERA. We have already done 2 "Stress Tests", these allow the community to play the game, provide feedback and help identify bugs.

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To play XERA during the pre-alpha you must become a Community Tester.

As a Community Tester your key role is to:

  • Test existing and in-progress features
  • Test overall game performance
  • Help stress test the servers
  • Report bugs to the XERA team
  • Work with other testers to discover bugs & glitches

To become a community tester you must submit an application on our forums.

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Welcome to XERA's IndieDB page. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to join our discord here: Discord.gg

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