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Wooden Floor is a horror game inside an old house that seems normal but the further you progress into the Game you start to realize that rooms change if you close a door behind you and whole corridors appear out of nowhere. Not being able to predict what is going to happen next or where you are heading for you need to make your way through the increasingly maze-like becoming house to find a way out of this bad dream that you just woke up into. The only thing that goes with you is the wooden floor underneath your feet.

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TheClavePointZero says

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First of all, this game looks good. In fact, it looks much better than so many "horror" games out there. Additionally, the Unreal 3 engine and the game run both with amazing performance. The instruction are very scarce, but it's enough to play the game.

Jumpscares... I am really not a fan of scripted jumpscares. They always have the problem that they are like a ghost train. You pay for the ride and what you get are no mechanics but few scares. They might be good (And in this case, the jumpscares were excellent and very atmospheric) but next time you ride the train, you will be bored as hell. I mean, you know the outcome, right?

The music and the sounds are also excellent and many "horror" developers should check this one out, to see (or hear) how it's done. The acoustic element is one of the most important in horror games.

Sadly, there was this last platformer puzzle wich was annoying (because there is no checkpoint in the middle of the puzzle) and also the demo ends when it just begins to get more interesting. There seems to be no story at all, which is also kinda sad, because there is so much unused depth.

All in all a very good, play-once horror game, which I would recommend my friends and other fans of the horror genre. This one has great potential. I am very excited about the full version.




DamselInDistress says

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I am huge fun of horror/survival, video games, and I would gladly rate it as 10 but your stupid policy wouldn't let me so 8 it is.


jaymzrsmith says

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Despite having a creepy atmosphere, numerous times throughout it felt as though you were forced to walk into the scares and that things were placed for the sake of scaring you.

At one point a wall explodes when you walk past it, but for literally no reason other than to jump-scare you. It doesn't even make sense to have a wall there because it seals off a room that could have been used.

After that, you encounter a pair of admittedly creepy eyes watching you from the end of a hall. Despite being quite scary at first, it goes nowhere because the player must approach them for anything to happen - and even then only a flash of lightning indicates that the eyes aren't really there. There was real potential here to have an utterly terrifying encounter - but sadly the scare falls flat.

On a minor level, the game also seemed to fail to make players understand its concept of closing doors to reveal new areas. Despite physically even closing the first door and warning you to continue doing so, a number of people (I watched YouTubers play this game as well as played it myself) still forgot the concept and were at a standstill.

Regardless of these design flaws, this isn't a bad game. Graphically, it's on par with big budget gaming and there are a number of clever mind-bending moments (one of which involves a key) elsewhere.

Also notable is a very beautiful and relaxing sequence outside of the house towards the halfway point of the game. This part was fantastic.

Maybe I'm being too harsh with my rating and review - but I just wasn't impacted as much as I'd expected.


Ustra says

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Athmospheric Game, great Soundeffects. Love the idea, whats behind the next locked door.


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