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Do you think, that you are a Pro Gamer? Try Wonky Pigeon! and you will challenge yourself!


The game is about a pigeon angry with humans. Humans did a bad joke to the pigeons, so they will be punished with poo!


The game is a third person shooter. We play as the pigeon and need to bomb environments with poo before moving to the next level.

Levels are unique, as every enemy has unique weapons, also regard how fast a player is, how quick he can react and assess to enemy reactions.


  • Both evil and comic game story - Use a pigeon to destroy a city with poo.
  • Pigeon sounds by John J. Dick - The famous actor who voiced Serious Sam.
  • Beautiful cartoon graphics - You will love to shoot green poo.
  • Split screen coop mode - Two pigeons is better than one.
  • The dramatic poo cam - Drive the poo until it hits the target.


The game follows the cartoonish style. We have different worlds, which also come with independent and different alternative locations .

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New Cinematic Trailer


Here is what's included in more detail.

  1. Unlucky guys will walk in a more funny way.
  2. A new night mode level, with themed UI.
  3. A new traffic level, hit cars while high speed flying in the highway.
  4. A lot of improvements to interactions, many objects react now in different ways to poo.
    • If you hit a gas pipe it explodes and nearby objects will react.
    • If you hit an hydrant it will start spray water.
    • If you hit a power pole the pigeon will get shocked.
    • And so on..
  5. A new level selection screen.
  6. Full controller support, you will be able to use menus with gamepad.
  7. Settings menu to adjust sensitivity.
  8. Intro tutorial.
  9. The speed of the pigeon will be higher thus increasing the action and drama effect.
  10. Bug fixes.

These are just some of the many things added, among improvements and new features.

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