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RELIVE THE PAST-EXPERIENCE THE PRESENT-ENSURE THE FUTURE Wolves is a non-profit Mechassault fan project that debuted late 2017 and is built on the Unity Engine. It will feature a wide selection of BattleMechs and small-large scale maps along with a variety of classic and new gamemodes.

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Wolves is a fan made Mechassault game running in Unity. For those unfamiliar with Mechassault, it was a fast paced 3rd person shooter set in the Battletech universe. I've been acting as project lead and lead artist on the project for just over a year now, this is a serious project with many models fully animated and implemented into the game. The game is completely playable internally. (I also wanted to add here that development is handled entirely in Discord.)

The problem is that art has been our weakest department with only myself and one other artist actively working. Here is what needs doing:

- Environment Artist (URGENT)

This job would have you throwing together maps and terrain using whatever tools you feel comfortable with. You'll also be helping out with urban elements such as buildings that will be 100% destructible! Sounds like fun, right?

Requires knowledge of (at least) Unity, Blender, Max or Maya

-Prop Artist

This job takes care of the smaller urban props. Planters, crates, cars, trucks, lamp posts etc. We may have you doing more natural things like rocks, but that really depends on if an environment artist is with us by the time you join.

Requires knowledge of (at least) Blender, Max or Maya

-Mech/Vehicle Artist

This is one of the more fun positions available right now. You'll get to recreate all sorts of iconic mechs and vehicles from the Battletech universe.

Requires knowledge of (at least) Blender, Max or Maya


I've been handling animation on this project from the beginning, though it would be a huge help if someone were to come along and relieve me of those duties. As an animator, you'll be tasked with rigging and creating convincing and fluid walk and run cycles for the game's mechs. Many are done already so the workload would be pretty small.

Requires knowledge of (at least) Blender, Max or Maya

-VFX Artist (URGENT)

The large explosions and unique weapons are what Mechassault is remembered the most for. Utilize Unity's particle system and push it to it's limits to build explosions that would make Michael Bay curl up in a corner. Including an awesome nuclear blast that occurs every time a mech dies.

Requires knowledge of (at least) Photoshop or illustrator, Unity

-2D Concept or Anime Style Artist

Almost all of the 3D work the game was noodled together with minimal reference. As a 2D concept artist, you'll be the guiding force and first step to dragging designs from 2004 kicking and screaming into the future. The ability to concept maps is also very important to us. We have so many great ideas and no way to share them and build them up. In other words, we need you. Badly. Oh, about the anime thing too, we have a couple great ideas that requires a Japanese touch. Please contact me if you have those skills.

Requires knowledge of (at least) Photoshop or illustrator


-Experience working on a team
-At least 1-2 years experience in your field
-A portfolio giving a solid idea of where you're at
-Optimistic attitude
-Good communication
-Willingness to use Discord

Thank you very much for your interest.

To Apply

You can contact me on this site or at ryan@wolvesgame.com
We also have a website with links to every bit of social media available. Wolvesgame.com

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