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The world has been totally destroyed. And you are waking up after your Cryo pod had a malfunction. You arrives in this small village where people are in survival mode, they have lost their history and lost the knowledge. WOK is a 4km2 procedural island with hundred thousands trees, rocks and place to visit. Located in East Asia, it is a virtual world, multiplayer, where you can meet others, drink beer, smoke pot, and bang Lili the local prostitute. It is the world we all dream to live in. We know the real world sucks, but WOK, is freedom. It is a free speech place, with monsters to kill, friends to meet and unlimited fun!

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Original article: Wolfkingdom.com

Stage 1 is almost complete! There are still B level things to do, like the Rain (almost done) but I will do it when I will be bored later by the upcoming milestones.

This stage took 2 months. I estimate the first beta to be for January 2018 with the game starting to be playable in September 2017. Doing a game is like climbing a mountain, you need to do it step by step, without looking at the top of the mountain. Never think about the work that you still have, just move one step at a time, and one day, you are close to the top!

The end of the Stage one also mean that I will release a playable demo, it will be a fly by demo limited around Terrain 4 (there are 17 terrain total for the Island, 16 are forming the main island and one is separated, it is named the Oracle Island).

Time to post a video to resume the work done.

Ocean & Lakes with foam and masked underwater.
Lush vegetation that runs fast on PC/MAC using GPU trees.
Enhanced triplanar terrain shader that looks great in any conditions.
Quick grass system.
Beaches that are looking nice.
Day/Night cycles.
Fog following the sun and moon light.
and the most important having all of these adapting to the sun and moon light in any time of the day.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the release of the first playable demo.

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