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W.N.C Infantry - Real-time Strategy with focus on multiplayer.

The action takes place at the nearest future. A large number of local conflicts, led to start of the war.
You have to choose your side, and lead your army to the victory.

Key Features

  • Two story lines with co-op.
  • No base building during operation, you can only request limited number of reinforcements.
  • 20 Maps on different sides of the world.
  • Multiplayer matches with up to 8 players.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • Dynamic weather and time, which will change gameplay.



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Hello everybody,

We glad to announce, that we posted our project to Steam Greenlight.

Here is some words about project.



First of all, there will be no bases during the battle, there will be only one player base, where new units can be created, but player will went to the battle with limited number of units, later during the battle player will be available to request reinforcements.
We plan to focus on infantry, but without microcontrol. All infantry units will be grouped to squads. Each squad will have personal profession(Medical Squad, Support Squad, Engineering Squad, Recoon Squad), personal exp system, and personal stats. Loosing squad during the battle means that you loose it forever.

Also there will be, different artillery types, heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, support trucks.
Game will have different missions available in the story mode and in the multyplayer: Point protection, Convoy, Deathmatch, Resque Operation etc.



We focus on details when creating levels, we going to make everything dynamic, and high detalized.
Of course there will be building destruction, we make all buildings modular, so we can create realistic destruction system.



At the moment we have 10 different vehicles. We plan to add more than 50 vehicles to game closer to release, vehicle types are vary from supporting unis to artillery. Each armed unit will have 2-3 weapons onboard, for example abrams will have primary cannon and machine gun at commander station.



Today we published our game at steam greenlight, make sure you voted for us at:

and check our first footage video:

also don't forget to subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook.

W.N.C Infantry - FaQ

W.N.C Infantry - FaQ


Some frequently asked questions about W.N.C Infantry game.

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communistussrnikolay - - 1 comments

Я тут по поводу проекта "Ликвидация". Выложите в группе вк хоть какую-то инфу по его поводу, что с ним стало.

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Lisyarich Creator
Lisyarich - - 33 comments

We just launched our forums, feel free to register and start discussing the project: Forums.faromstudio.com

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SWEsof - - 169 comments


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Lisyarich Creator
Lisyarich - - 33 comments


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Lisyarich Creator
Lisyarich - - 33 comments

Soon we are going to post new important news. Subscribe to us to get it first.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

How moddable it will be?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lisyarich Creator
Lisyarich - - 33 comments

Depends on Epic Games, they are not allow to publish game with editor, they do it manually for each game. But we will do our best to add mods to the game.

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Guest - - 698,546 comments


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Lisyarich Creator
Lisyarich - - 33 comments

Q4 2016

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PetrenkaPie - - 1,039 comments

how Men of War - like will this be?

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Lisyarich Creator
Lisyarich - - 33 comments

Some kind of combination of Men of War and World in Conflict

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