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Witchkin is a first-person hide-and-sneak horror game where you play as a small child trapped in a house filled with terrifying toys in 1920s rural Texas. Its story is based on the legend of "The Candy Lady" Clara Crane, a Texas woman who was supposedly responsible for several missing children around the turn of the century.



Coven Games
Based in United States

Release date:
January 10 2018



Available From:
$9.99 - Steam


Launching January 11, 2018. Witchkin is a first-person, single-player, PC horror game where you play as a child trapped in a rural Texas farmhouse filled with terrifying toys in the 1920s. Your goal is to search all the levels of the house, from the basement to the attic, to find your missing sister...and to stay alive. The game is based on the Texas legend of "The Candy Lady", Clara Crane, a Texas woman who was supposedly responsible for several missing children around the turn of the century.


I've worked in the game industry for over a decade as a 3D artist on games that include NHL 2K, Star Wars the Old Republic, DC Universe Online, and Chronos. I've also done voice acting for several games and Red vs. Blue.

I am a huge horror fan, mainly books and films. At the time I started on Witchkin, my kids were playing a lot of Slender and FNAF. I had wanted to create my own game for a while, and a small scale horror experience felt right for my abilities and doable on my own. I wanted to create a period horror experience, one that captured the terror of children--raw, unsophisticated and all-encompassing where the player is alone, powerless, and can only run and hide.

My wife, Rachael, and I decided to start Coven Games so we could make Witchkin a reality. I have been the sole creator of all the games content, from conception to its current state. Rachael is responsible for all social media, marketing, and business aspects of the game.


  • Evil toys are stalking you in an old black-and-white film...
  • Hide-n-sneak sepia-toned horror game set in 1920s rural Texas.
  • Witchkin is goreless horror. There is no blood...just dread.
  • Witchkin is a first-person, single-player, PC atmospheric horror game where you play as a child trapped in a Texas farmhouse filled with terrifying toys.
  • Based on the legend of The Candy Lady.
  • Deadly doll, killer clown, terrifying teddy, and a sociopathic woman of legend...


New Witchkin Trailer YouTube

Witchkin Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Witchkin - RTX 2016 Scream Mash-Up YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Selected for PAX Rising" PAX South

Selected Articles

  • "It’s probably the first horror game I’ve encountered where it’s obvious that no detail was left untouched. This game isn’t just about scaring you; it’s about making you feel helpless and vulnerable while playing on your childhood fears."
    - Shelby Royal, The Outerhaven
  • "Developed and published by Coven Games, Witchkin seems to have been birthed from hell itself. Set to haunt your dreams mid-2017, Witchkin is definitely a game you’ll want to play with friends..."
    - Christine M, Gamer Assault Weekly
  • "You can’t swing a possessed doll in the Kickstarter community these days without hitting a horror game developer. But even on such a crowded field, a project called WITCHKIN stands out thanks to some nightmarish imagery and a compelling single-sentence pitch: "Evil toys are stalking you in an old black-and-white film..."
    - Admin, Rue Morgue
  • "The grainy black-and-white horror film aesthetic is a real treat, building dread and tension rather than relying on gore to terrify."
    - Joanna Mueller, Cliqist
  • "First off; the game is CREEPY. Everything about it screams of things that would have terrified child-me; from the menacing atmosphere right on down to the eerie music...I must admit that horror games are generally not my style, but WItchkin is one that I’m keeping on my radar."
    - Admin, Stack-Up.org

Steam page with free demo download link. store.steampowered.com/app/682170/Witchkin.

About Coven Games

Small indie game development studio in Austin, TX. Our current title in production is Witchkin, a survival horror PC game.

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Witchkin Credits

David Jennison

Rachael Jennison
Social Media/Business

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