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Wist is a 2D puzzle platformer based around puzzles being simple rather than complex.

The game so far features pushing cubes, pressing buttons, flying in wind, bumping into your own shadow, changing your gravity, teleporting, moving animals around and pushing cubes.

The design of the puzzles are based around being difficult while being simple. This is done by having the puzzles be around something the player has not explored yet and having them work out what that is. This way the puzzles don't have to be complex and can still be difficult and fun.

The design of the mechanics/objects are based around being interconnected with each other. For example the gravity changer changes the gravity of every object it touches (the player, your shadow, cubes etc). Because of that the wind will now affect those objects in different ways. All this creates the ability to create lots of interesting and different puzzles.

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Wist on indieDB


I have been working on Wist for almost a month now. All the mechanics and 100 puzzles in the game have been made. Now all thats left for the levels is to go back through them and refine them or replace them with better puzzles.

Cube wind level

The next step is to start to work on the mainmenu screen and the ability to save.

The art for the game is coming along and should be implemented soon.

Still need to find an audio designer to create music and/or sfx.

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