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<Still in development>


A first-person game that mix horror and action, where you and your friends must "wipe" the houses finding all the infected in the area before they find you.

Para acompanhar o desenvolvimento do jogo acesse o canal do youtube kpkpixels

In the past few weeks, people have started to act in a violent and uncontrolled way, doctors don't know how to explain what is happening and not even what to do to solve it. So. To save innocents lifes, people were hired to eliminate possible threats before it's too late.

You (and your friends) were hired to "wipe" the isolated places where such threats exist. You must find all the infected present in the area and exterminate them with your weapons, but, unfortunately, it will not be that simple, puzzles and scares will be the main obstacles in these searches.

This game will feature different maps, all divided into parts for better gameplay.


  • Singleplayer / Campaign Mode
  • Online Coop With Friends / Campaign Mode (best mode)

Both modes consist of:

  • Find keys (sometimes..);
  • Find the infected (before they find you);
  • Solve puzzles (to find the keys... or not too);
  • Kill the infected;
  • Scare friends
  • Get scared;
  • Aaaand, the most importantly, break lamps have fun.[/]
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A lot of improvements


A lot has changed since the beggining, more dynamic zombies, better animations, effects, etc.

The video with the comparison can be seen here


BeforeSem Ttulo 5



Updates nas texturas

Updates nas texturas


Fala galera, aqui um pouco do que estou fazendo atualmente no game!

Agora presente na Steam, adicione na wishlist!

Agora presente na Steam, adicione na wishlist!


O game está presente na steam agora! Wishlist NOW!

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