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Wing Commander Saga is a free game based on the Freespace 2 Source Code Project. It is based upon the popular Wing Commander series by Chris Roberts and Origin, and features a new story line during the final portion of the Terran Confederations deseprate fight for survivial against the Kilrathi Empire. You assume the role of 2nd Lieutenant David Markham, a recent OCS graduate in an accelerated flight training program. Victory and survival for humanity can only be bought at a terrible cost. Gather your wingmen and your courage and prepare to play your part in humanity's desperate gambit as you face the Kilrathi foe. It is a time where even average men must reach inside themselves and become heroes. Answer the call. Face the enemy. Make your mark as the Confederation faces its darkest dawn.

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Vega System
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The Vega system is located in the Douglas Quadrant of the Vega Sector. The system consists of a blue (A0V) main sequence star with nine planets and several asteroid fields.

Cosmologists and astronomers agree that the orbital dynamics of the planets within the Vega system are both interesting and potentially dangerous. All of the planetary orbits have an extended elliptical orbit, with the bulk of the orbit being on one side of the star. In addition to having an elongated elliptical orbit, Vega IX's orbit is very narrow and about 15 degrees off the normal orbital plane. This strange orbit creates a dynamic possibility of Vega IX colliding with Vega III or Vega IV at some point in the future. Although there are several theories on how these anomalous orbits came about, the most prevalent ones suggest the star system had a near encounter with a wandering star of significant mass to alter the planetary orbits, and that Vega IX may actually have been captured by Vega from the wandering star.

The Vega system is the capital of the Vega Sector and is the major industrial, business and trading hub within the sector. The two habitable planets, Vega III and Vega IX, are both well-developed worlds with significant population centers. Vega III hosts the local government complex, and the bulk of the industrial, business and trading centers as well as a higher concentration of the general human population than Vega IX. In addition to the population centers on the two developed planets, there are numerous small mining and research settlements on several of the other planets and moons in the Vega system. All of these additional settlements are contained in ecodomes to provide marginally habitable conditions.

A Kilrathi attack on Vega IX just prior to 2654 resulted in an enormous massacre with tens of thousands of Confederation citizens. The same attack saw several thousand citizens killed on Vega III. As a result of the attacks, the ISS established a larger foot print in the syst

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