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Enter a world of magic and exploration. Brew potions of all sorts of random fun, test them out on unknowing villagers. Quest, progress and brew, brew, brew!

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Greetings, Witches!

We've been radio silent for some time now, and for good reasons:

  • We've released our very first trailer!
  • We've gotten an actual office to work in and gotten incubated at a local game incubation park
  • We've revamped our entire core
    • Movement
    • Brewing
    • Gameplay
    • The world
    • Narrative

A lot is happening, and we are super excited to show you guys some of the progress!

The Trailer

The trailer is an early conceptual trailer that focuses on the crafting aspect of the game. We really want to make crafting the focus of Whimsical, and have the RPG-side as a side dish.


So first off, we've revamped a lot of graphics! A picture is a 1000 words, so I'll get on with it:


Even though we liked our old Amalia model, we wanted to pivot to a more realistic and repersentative outfit for the early 17th century.


We've implemented a lot of fill-out graphics and improvements generally.


We also like to mix around and try out different settings. The picture below is an entirely different one, even thought using the same assets.



As mentioned above, we've also revamper our brewing! We wanted it to be more advanced, giving players more freedom in their experimentation. Earlier we only had a cauldron where you place two ingredients and pressed brew. Now we have four stations that all do different things to ingredients. First off the cauldron.

Gif 4 brew

The Cauldron follows the same formula, you still drag two ingredients in it (although now you'll actually have to swirl around to get it to work)

Gif 5 Brew

Then we have the Magic Infusion station where you infuse ingredients with magical powers by drawing runes of power!

Besides these two there is also the bloodbath as well as the pestle. These stations transform ingredients based on movement and time. Sadly, they are not yet implemented with graphics - but I promise I'll deliver next time! #BeliveMe #IndieDevsAlwaysKeepDeadlines

So yes, a lot of things are happening. We hope to be able to connect with you guys more during the development from now on. Keep your eyes open for future demos, these ones will be a bit juicier than before!

Until then,
Brew safely, Witches!

OUT NOW: Tech demo 2.0!

OUT NOW: Tech demo 2.0!


We just released our second demo, and it's got game changing stuff happening!

Update #5: Mechanics and Tech demo. 0.2 Info

Update #5: Mechanics and Tech demo. 0.2 Info

News 2 comments

Greetings, Witches! Since the last tech demo we've been hard at work implementing a lot of changes based on the feedback we got. And so, time has come...

Update #4: We're alive! - Concept Art and discussion

Update #4: We're alive! - Concept Art and discussion

News 2 comments

Greetings, witches! We are very much alive and ready to start showing you our improvements over the coming month. We thought we'd start off with an art...

Update #3: Technical Demo

Update #3: Technical Demo


We have released our technical demo! In this article we discuss a bit about it as well as brief you on the things to come. If you just want to try the...

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Whimsical Witchery Tech Demo v.2.0

Whimsical Witchery Tech Demo v.2.0


The second technical demo. A lot of improvements and changes to the core of the game.

Whimsical Witchery Technical Demo 1.0

Whimsical Witchery Technical Demo 1.0

Demo 7 comments

Greetings, Witches! Today we have something fun for you to try out: our technical demo! To give you a very small taste of what Whimsical Witchery will...


Im having Little witch academia's flashbacks, dont know why... looking forward to play the demo tho :D

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