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Where Birds Go to Sleep is a narrative-heavy adventure game set in a fictional Persian-Byzantine-influenced land, brought to life in a painterly artstyle, with voice-acted dialogue and original score.

The player assumes the role of the unconscious mind of a cruel “criminal-turned-explorer” on a mission to chart a new land. Every choice made by the player is a whisper into the deep recesses of the protagonist’s brain, compelling him to actions which he, or you, might disagree with.


♦ Introspect ♦
Get to know the protagonist as you converse directly with him; understand his opinions, challenge his views, change his mind, or have him change yours… or root yourselves in your beliefs as you grow further apart.

Reflect on your actions along with the protagonist; exchange your thoughts on what happened; regret or rejoice, grieve or laugh together… or independently of each other.

♦ Choices & Consequences ♦
There is no “Mission Failed”; saying “No” opens new avenues. There is no golden path.

Almost every single choice, no matter how small, has a consequence. Lie to others, and you’ll be more likely to hide the truth from yourself. Fail to justify your actions and you might find your character not heeding your commands.

♦ Narrative & Dialogue ♦
Sprawling, naturally flowing dialogue: react in intense back-and-forth conversations.

Every dialogue is ready for the choices you make, and can potentially branch off into a completely different conversation with game-changing significance.

♦ Explore & Survive ♦
Explore the mysterious island, unravel its secrets and lies. Shrouded in noxious, mind-altering mist, you must prepare for every journey inland, anticipating the challenges ahead. The provisions are scarce… but the others need them less than you.

You’re NOT fully in control. You are the whisper in the back of the mind. Manipulate your crew-mates and your protagonist into doing your bidding… and deal with the mental toll with this innovative dialogue dynamic.

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How We Make Choices matter


We make choices matter by tracking a lot of choices the player makes:

♢ We have a bunch of hidden stats in the game that track your playstyle, and every single choice affects these, tipping the scales ever so slightly each time
♢ We also track a massive amount of events and decisions specifically
♢ We have “skills” – these are passive “abilities” that are unlocked by playing a certain way. Sort of like habits.
♢ A lot of choices and actions have “hidden stat”/event/skill requirements, which if you don’t meet, you’ll still see them but wont be able to select them

For example, in a hypothetical scenario, a hidden stat could be how much a character you’re talking to, including the protagonist, likes you. If you anger him enough, maybe it’ll erupt into an argument. At this point we would take note of this, so that any future interactions with him will reflect this.

If you do a type of action for it to become habitual, you might get a skill that reflects this, which would make certain future dialogue or action choices available (or others unavailable).

Note that this does not only affect dialogue choices, but also actions you can perform elsewhere in the game.

Every single small choice you make builds up, and shifts the direction of the story. While there are crucial moments and big decisions to be made, they happen within the context of the numerous smaller decisions, even those as trivial as the way you greet someone, that – true to life – ultimately decide who we are.

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