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“Welcome to Undercog” is an RPG/"Bash and Smash" game framed inside comic book story telling. The the otherwise tranquil subterranean city of Undercog was spun into chaos after an industrial accident of mysterious circumstances sent this otherwise placid community into chaos. It is up to you and the Armored Personal Exoskeleton or A.P.E to restore order to the city and unravel the mystery surrounding the chaos.

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Too Many games was a blast And I got a lot of good feedback.

The main feedback that merited changes was:

  • Attack area is too small and players had a hard time landing hits
  • Animation speed on attacks was too slow
  • A few bugs where the slope exceeded the limit set by the character controller

So in response I went through and made the following changes:

  • Attack area increased by x1.5
  • Attack speed increased by x1.25 - x1.5 (depending on attack)
  • cleaned up the ground a bit to eliminate catch point

A few additional changes

  • Inventory unload bug for demo fixed
  • Moved GUI from old Unity GUI method to Canvas system
  • more distinct inventor item icons

Added to Undercog:

  • The Znail Sapper
    • A Smaller single use version of the Znail with a higher movement speed that dies on attack
    • the concept for this enemy is an aggressive immature Znail that might not have a handle on it's discharge ability yet.


Changes still pending:

  • Discard method for inventory
  • Item descriptions in Inventory Screen
"Welcome To Undercog" Update (6/20/15)

"Welcome To Undercog" Update (6/20/15)


A quick catch up on development in "Welcome to Undercog".

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