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About This Game

WTC Redux expands on the background of Welcome To... Chichester 2, and is the first of a trilogy. The story is set in a semi-fictional world where secret organisations covertly battle each other for ideological supremacy.

The Story

Set before the events of WTC 2, your plans for a mountaineering holiday are thwarted by your nemesis from a rival organisation - the much feared Grendel Jinx. After destroying almost all of her organisation, the funds for dealing with her and her much put-upon assistant are redirected to "interrogation" equipment by your rather perverted boss. Replaced by a more ruthless agent, the only thing you have looking forward to is your holiday.

Originally planning on containment and perhaps getting revenge, Grendel's plan soon changes when she hears where you are going. Bringing back memories of her first partially complete solo mission, she decides to finish the job, taking you along with her - whether you like it or not.

Unbeknownst to either of you, this sets in motion a series of events that has reprecusions for your rivalry with Grendel and your organisation.


* Three endings to be found (of which one changes a lot of the dialogue)

* Simple RPG fight sequence against your nemesis

* Enhanced, upgraded and extended story lasting around 2 - 3 hours with one play through

* A funny and dramatic story

Main Characters

Grendel Jinx - your nemesis from a rival organisation. Favourite weapon : Self-expanding frying pans

Rather lazy and a bit of a kleptomaniac, but still a formidable foe

Lorinda Ella - live-in girlfriend and personal secretary

She is extremely protective of you

All the characters in the game (bar one) :

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Currently there is an update in progress, which will add a whole lot of new features. It should hopefully be out sometime before the end of 2019.

The new features will bring it into line with WTC 2 (and includes ingame awards, music player, scene jump and background viewer). In addition, there will be an extra DLC for Steam users

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WelcomeToChichesterReduxDemo 2.1 pc

WelcomeToChichesterReduxDemo 2.1 pc


Set before the events of WTC 2, this is a seven chapter demo of the full visual novel

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