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Hello, everyone!

WE RIDE is a mini hardcore PVP MMO. It’s in what I call pre-pre alpha, but it’s online, and it’s free to play.

Go to weridegame.com to get started!

A little background

I played tons of Ultima Online in the late 90's and 00's and just love the open world and free gameplay it offered. I have so many awesome memories from intense PVP battles, exploring the world, and just hours and hours of killing, looting, stealing, winning, dying, losing it all, and just trolling.

Eventually the servers I used to play on died out and the people I played with got jobs, families etc. I started working as a web designer and frontend developer. To start learning some more coding, I built a small RPG in Unity. But the lack of multiplayer support back then made it really hard to build anything more than just a single player RPG.

After watching some of Epic's multiplayer tutorials, I figured I should give it a try.

WE RIDE is my maniac MMO project since a little more than two years now. I’m very proud of what it has become and now all I can hope for is a handful of old school hardcore PVPers to find it, play it and help me continue develop it!

The game, so far obviously, is very basic. It needs a lot more content to stay interesting for more than a couple of hours of solo playtime.

Features so far:

Visual equipment on 18 slots
Hair and facial hair
A few stats

Proximity chat
Hit enter to start typing, enter again to say it. All characters nearby characters will see the message above your head. NPCs react to it.

Gain skills by using them (flighting, casting spells etc)
Combine skills to get certain class bonuses and drawbacks, or mix any skills to find custom builds

Some characters may be tamed, may require x taming skill
Some may be mounted
Tamed characters will respond to chat messages ‘[name] follow me’, ‘[name] guard me’, ‘[name] stop’, ‘[name] rename’, '[name] kill'

Cursed/Boosted, temporary lowered/boosted HP, MP and hit speed
Frozen, no movement or actions
Hidden, invisible
Dead, no actions and invisible until resurrection
Magic reflection, next spell will bounce and affect the caster
Items can have skill mods, stat mods and magic prots

Hostility flags
blue (friendly), gray (criminal), red (murderer)
Players are blue by default, if you attack or loot another blue, you get gray flagged
The gray flag will wear off after a while
If you kill too many blues, you become red, red flag is permanent until you kill enough other reds

If you attack a character first, you get an offence flag towards that character for a short while. If the offended fights back they won’t have to suffer any consequences for their actions.

Certain areas are protected by guards. They can be called by players by saying “.guards” If summoned, they will instal-kill any red character OR any gray character with an active offence.

Spawn points
Can be configured to spawn a certain kind of NPC, how many, how fast respawn, and over how large area. Also, whether the spawn should come back if wandering too far from spawn point.

Red NPC’s
Aggressive agains player characters
Configurable skills, stats, appearance, equipment, loot
May be spell casters

Gray NPC’s
Same as above but non-aggressive

Blue NPC’s
Same as above but will flag you gray for attacking or looting
Blue human NPC’s will call guards if inside a guarded area, spotting a crime, or a red

Tame a horse and ride it, boosting run speed

Vendor NPC’s
Vendor NPC’s will respond to chat messages ‘buy’, ‘sell’, and ‘sell all’.
Different types of vendors sell specific items, like Mage, Armorer, Provisioner, etc…


All items may have any color tint

Weapons, armors, and clothes
Range, damage/armor mod, poison immunity, magic immunity mod

Generic and scalable crafting system that requires a tool, skills, and ingredients/resources
So far ‘mortar and pestle’ to craft potions, using alchemy skill


Inventory and containers
Slot-free, drag and drop inventory system
Supporting containers in containers
Hotkey I opens your inventory
Chat message ‘bank’ will open your bank (in a bank zone)

Any action that requires a target will prompt to select a target
Use hotkey F1 to execute the action on your previously set target
Use mouse wheel to browse through valid targets on screen
Use hotkey A to enter war mode and attack last target
Hotkeys can be edited in options

War mode
Hit TAB to toggle war mode
During war mode, double-click any character to attack them

Attack a character and move close enough depending on your weapon’s range
Bows and crossbows offers longer range but requires the fighter to stand still to shoot

Healing and curing
Using bandages, takes a while where the character is blocked from any other action
If target is poisoned bandages will be used to try to cure the poison first
Using bandages on other characters is faster
Using spells, cast spell ‘heal’ and ‘cure’.
Target doesn’t have to be cured for ‘heal’-spell to have effect

Scoreboard and bounty
Killing another player will generate a bounty on your character’s head
The more consecutive kills you can score before someone beheads you the bigger the bounty
A head with a bounty may be taken to a bank to claim the reward
Scoreboard can be found on weridegame.com.


Casting spells
Using scroll or spellbook + reagents
Consumes mana
Spell effect depends on magery skill
So far 21 spells

Use skill meditation to regenerate mana

Teleport travel
Use runes to mark locations
Use spell ‘recall‘ to teleport to rune’s location
Use spell ‘gate travel’ to open a temporary teleportation gate to rune’s location


Based on Codespartan’s MMO kit
You’ll find your character where and as you left it when you log back on
When you log out your character will idle in the world for a couple of minutes, so there’s no escaping a battle by quitting.
Not sure how many players the server can handle, let’s find out!

Wow that’s quite a list! But there’s a lot more to fix and I wanna build more stuff. So if you like the game, feel free to give me feedback on what you’d like to see in the future!

I plan to keep this thread updated as much as possible for anyone who might be interested in the progress.

Thank you for your feedback!

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