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Way of Gold and Steel is a relaxing real time strategy game with rogue-like elements. It will not confuse you with needlessly complex features nor hurry you. You can brew a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable in your chair, and watch your nimble pirate minions carry out your orders.

The strategy genre here is mixed with roguelike or even RPG. You control your character as in an RPG, you have an inventory and a health bar. All orders are given in a direct conversation with your minions. Moreover, you can personally go to hostile territory and sabotage your enemy. You can fight, explore and even die. However, the game is, first and foremost, a strategy game with indirect control.

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Project on the GREENLIGHT. If you are interested in this project, you know what to do.
Link: Steamcommunity.com
And yes, I will be glad to hear any feedback.

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