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War of Nations

This game is a small turn based strategy game, in which you conquer the world. The project's current status is pre-alpha, but you can download a playable prototype. I will update the development progress on the go.


  • country management on a world map
  • tactical turn based hex field combat
  • several buildings and units with different properties
  • world domination mode against AI opponents

Planned Features

  • multiplayer, on the same device and online
  • different factions with unique strengths and weaknesses
  • war crime, media campaign and diplomatic mechanics
  • more diverse units and special abilities
  • single player campaign with story for each faction
  • better graphics and sound ;-)
  • intuitive interface (it's horrible at the moment, I know...)
  • improved, faster AI

Game Instructions

Because of the early state of the game, some elements are not yet self explanatory. Therefore a small overview of the most important game elements:

World Map

On the world map, you can scroll around by moving the mouse to the edges of the screen. You can zoom in and out with the mousewheel. Click on any country to open the country menu.By clicking on your own country, you have the option to Manage you country or to relocate units from a neighbour country.With a click on an enemy country, you can choose to attack it, send spies and investigate its troops.


In the manage screen, you have a hexfield representation of the country. Here you can build buildings and recruit units. You have a fixed amount of productivity you can use each turn in each country.
For recruiting, you need specific buildings for each unit type. When you recruit a unit, the corresponding building will be busy until the next turn. So you have to have more than one building of a type to recruit a certain kind of unit more than once in a turn.In the manage section you can also recruit spies. They will defend your country against enemy espionage attacks and can be sent to other countries to spy on them.The last option in the manage menu is research. You can set an amount of scientists to contribute to the nation's research progress. This will lock an amount of productivity equal to the number of assigned scientists.Buildings

  • Airfield: enables the recruitment of planes
  • Boot Camp: enabled the recruitment of troopers
  • Factory: enables the recruitment of Jeeps and Tanks
  • Power Plant: increases the productivity of your country
  • School: automatically creates science contribution


  • Trooper: cheap, but slow and weak
  • Jeep: fast, but vulnerable
  • Tank: slow, but has a high attack range, many hitpoints and loads of firepower
  • Jet: very fast, powerful attacks


When attacking, you can choose which units from which country you want to use as your attacking force.Before the actual combat, you can set up your units on the hex field map. They can only be placed on fields near the border of your attacking country.The combat map itself can be scrolled by moving the mouse towards the edges of the screen. You can zoom with the mousewheel.On your turn, your can select your units with a click and the select a target with another click. A unit must have at least one movement point left to attack an enemy unit.
Different terrain types have various effects on your troops.Terrain

  • Mountains: cost double movement to move into. Slow units, like tanks and troopers will lose their next turn, when moving into mountain terrain.
  • Water: units are automatically loaded onto to ships. Ships have the same damage and attack reach as the loaded unit, but only a speed of 1 and 1 hit point.
  • Desert: units take 1 damage for each hex of desert they move into.
  • Snow: a unit has a 50% chance to be frozen and lose the rest of the turn, when moving into snow.
  • Forest: units in a forest hex are hidden from the enemy until they move.
  • Plains: normal movement.


In the research menu on the world map screen you can choose the next research goal for your nation. Each country, that contributes scientists, will add to the science effort, as well as schools in your countries. Once developed, every unit is automatically upgraded with the new technology.

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The project is not dead


The last update of "War of Nations" is now some time away and involved updating the release date. After this I was quite silent about the project. I am currently doing some contract work to earn money for rent, clothes and food, you know, the regular things you need not to die ;-) I am also working on a smaller project for iOS which is scheduled to be finished at the end of the month.
After this I can finally return to work fulltime on "War of Nations". The great thing is, that I probably will be able to collaborate with another studio to realize the game in the quality and scope I imagined. If all goes smoothly, you will get your polished Hexfield Strategy Experience at the end of the year. I will keep you updated about the development and I hope to make some announcements soon.

Next Steps

Next Steps

News 1 comment

A small poll about the further progress of the project.

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War of Nations - Pre-Alpha Release

War of Nations - Pre-Alpha Release

Demo 3 comments

The pre-alpha demo Version 0.11 of War of Nations. With minor bugfixes. Just unzip in a directory of your liking and start the WarOfNations.exe.

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is this game dead?

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Chris_Entropy Creator

Hi there, I fear so. I got swamped up in another project and currently don't have the money (and therefore the time) to continue working on this game. Which is a shame, since I really wanted to make this a great title. Anyway, there seems to be other games with this title, so I would have to rename the thing, which is only possible on this platform by creating a new project (as far as I know).
I could try a kickstarter or some other source of crowdfunding, but I fear, that the game is not popular enought for that... It's a shame, that it always boils down to a lack of funding :(

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Which war of nations are you playing?.. Because your pics look like you made them on Atari... War of nations on my droid is pretty cool and a lot better graphics... Waaaaaaaay better graphics

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Chris_Entropy Creator

This is, obviously, a prototype and not meant to be the final game in any respect. It is meant to give a glimpse at what the game COULD be like. I was not even aware, that there are other games with the name, as I started this project.

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Great stuff

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Linux support?

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Chris_Entropy Creator

I think I will add Linux Support, since this is a new feature in Unity 4.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Awesome. I would love to play this on my iphone. Keep it up,

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War of Nations
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