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Become the greatest Walrus Tusk Boxer of all time. Fight your way off the street from living in a cardboard box to the top of the flock living in a mansion. Use combos and sheer walrus power to overcome your enemies as you fight through the boxing league to become the greatest Walrus Tusk Boxer of all time.

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The Sound of Walrus


Today, I talk to you about the new sound effects which will be in Walrus Tusk Boxing, as well as a bit about how the fighting system will work.

I've had the good fortune to run into Nick Spradlin who does sound designing and composing, and he has done that much more in terms of sound effects to immerse the people who play WTB. Below is the score which play as the prologue does; it really makes you feel for the unfortunate walrus living in the cardboard box after losing for so long in life trying to sell shoes.

His sound effects also include some of the growls which only a walrus would make. And speaking of growls, as a walrus's bite is almost as big as it's bark today I talk to you about the fighting system; the system has four basic attacks. Three technically if you discount defending which doesn't, but instead blocks you from being stunned. Being stunned is very bad as it means not only can you not attack, but you are wide open to attack. Be wary though; your opponent can also be stunned which can make a huge difference in how the fight goes.

Far more helpful though are combos, especially counter-attack combos. What counter-attack combos are is; rather than delivering an immediate attack combo it allows you upon being attacked to do a counter which in some cases is more powerful than an offensive one, not to mention a better chance to stun your opponent. Be wary; when stunned you also get pushed further back towards your end of the ring. It would be unwise to become pinned against your side of the wall, as it increases the damage you take. The same goes for your opponent though.

Introducing, Walrus, Tusk, Boxing!

Introducing, Walrus, Tusk, Boxing!


Announcing Walrus Tusk Boxing, the fighting game for walruses and walrus-wannabes everywhere!

PlanMan Creator

Someday, I'm going to improve this game.

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