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Wake Up Call is a next-generation sci-fi stealth-action shooter with a heavy emphasis on choice-driven gameplay and story in a unique and atmospheric post-apocalyptic world. Wake Up Call tells the story of Kyle Rogers, an ex-special ops soldier who has been awoken after over 150 years of cryostasis sleep. The world went to hell while Kyle slept, and it has been transformed into an alien planet. Experience Kyle’s story through a visceral and intense true first person perspective that allows for heightened immersion and gameplay fluidity. Challenge yourself to beat the game’s smart AI that adds new levels of challenge to the stealth-action genre. And finally immerse yourself in a dynamic and choice-driven story-line that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Wake Up Call will be one epic adventure that any and all sci-fi fans will need to experience.

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Gameplay Ideas. Vertex7 fragfest2012 - read

Feb 27 2012


Post your ideas about gameplay and how it should be shaped so we can develop for you.