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Wake Up Call is a short interactive piece that takes place inside a comatose man's mind. As you are trying to wake up, you can see your mind trying to reconstruct its basic capabilities like spatial reasoning, logic, memory, words or decision making. Your memories will also start to come back to you and maybe, you'll prove you're worthy of earning your consciousness back.

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this game is beautiful and has a really neat concept!

I would call this game rather a interactive piece of art than a game. You control some things, but on the other hand there are the strange effects you are experiencing during the coma. Despite its very short lenght, you should give "Wake Up Call" a chance as long as you have around 20 minutes to spare ;)


Good work!!! A fast and original game, with a theme never shown before in a videogame! I enjoyed a lot how you've "mixed" different kinds of game to create a unique experience! Fantastic visual style, good atmosphere and sounds contribute to create an interesting game... A very interesting game! Well done!

It just doesn't feel surreal enough especially since pictures taken from real life are frequently shown. There are other games out there than tend to be more surreal than this and don't even advertise being surreal. Besides that, the puzzles are too easy and have no satisfaction of completion whatsoever. I would have given it a lower score but thankfully the game only lasts about 5-10 minutes and it's free.


To short!


Brilliant game design. Simple. Enjoyable.

Good game, nice concept, but a little TOO abstract for my taste.

That thing made me spend a nice, surprising time !


Very, very cool!


Neat little puzzle game, took about fifteen to twenty mintues for me to complete.

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