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Fast! Fun! Competitive!

Vroomist is a car game with RPG elements, which means you will be playing competitively against other players or teaming up with friends to complete the various game modes which will feature the ability to acquire upgrades through random drops in the game and unlocks at end of each level.

Car game with RPG elements!

Your cars will be leveled up with better gear, tires, engines, Vroom! (I will post more about what Vroom is in the future). You'll be able to customise the engines, tires and weapons for each car (paints, wheel sizes, tire spikes, deployables, etc.)

Procedural world and procedural loot!

The world is randomly generated using handcrafted pieces to offer the best gameplay experience, which are stitched together at runtime. Within this world there will be loot that you can acquire, be it engines, guns or tires. However, beware, there may be vicious AI to protect it (or other players ready to take their reward).


  • Arena Smash ‘em! Smash your opponents in an arena full of deadly traps to claim awesome loot and the title of the Vroomist!
  • Capture the Horn - Vroomists take on capture the flag, which gives you a loud horn to capture which adds in various dynamics into the game.
  • Race to be the Vroomist! Fight tooth and nail to beat your opponents in a neck to neck race to the end of the track!
  • Journey, drive around a procedural world listening to your radio where you can encounter AI and other players, and get awesome loot!

Thank you for your time and I would be glad to talk to you about any ideas or feedback,

I am very active.


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Vroomist is on Steam Greenlight

It's a fun car RPG situated in a low poly world. The game is supposed to be fun, Fast paced and action packed.

Its not just about racing!

We will have car Customisation, Multiple Game modes and physics based Car moment.

You can support us on Steam Greenlight now:

We have recently made our trailer public, a new updated and better one + demo is soon to come:

Image 6Image 5

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