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Voxel Turf is a block based Action Adventure game with City Building and a side of Grand Strategy. Build cities or destroy them! Drive and do missions around in your creation or just blow stuff up! Fight for territory or play with friends in multiplayer! It's all up to you!

Post news RSS [Watch] - Patch 1.4.0 - PLANES! MP Server Reset, Map Mods and More!

Today's free update adds PLANES to Voxel Turf! Also a new MP Server containing a World Map!

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If this game interests you check out the Steam Page!

New Vehicle

I've added a Light Plane vehicle! The new plane makes flying long distances a breeze.

The plane can also remove blocks and take damage if it hits something! To do maximum damage I recommend pitching down to build speed before impact. For taking off, set throttle to maximum and take off on a flat, solid surface (concrete, asphalt, etc), and slowly pitch up once you are up to speed.

New Buildings

A new vehicle needs new spawn buildings yeah? I've added two: a Commercial Airfield

Above: The new Airfield building

...and a Bandit Base variant!

Above: The new Bandit Base!

Control Info Windows

Now control info windows appear to show you how to use vehicles, etc. See the right hand side of the following image:

Above:A plane on the runway, look to the right to see controls

You can press "I" to bring up the controls info

Server Reset

I've made a new map for the multiplayer Lets Build server - this time it's THE WORLD! I've also put the map onto the Steam Workshop in-case you want to play the map in singleplayer. This map is gigantic, measuring at 16km x 8km. I've made a small spawn area around Toburk

Bitmap Map Generation

I made the Lets Build The World Map using a bitmap, and now you can too! Running the server from the command line using the "--loadBitMap file.bmp" argument will make the game generate a map from the specified bitmap. The game will take the red channel as the hight/biome info - heights below 70 (bottoms out 56) will be sea biome, heights above 143 will be hills (maxes out at 158). The bitmap file does *not* have to be the same size or even aspect ratio as the game map - vtserver will automatically interpolate between values provided by the bitmap.

This an edited version of the command I used to generate the "Lets Build The World" map. vtserver --saveGame SAVE_NAME --genmap VERT_SIZE HORZ_SIZE --loadBitmapMap YOU_BITMAP.bmp --mapGenSeaMod -30 --mapGenHillsMod -35 --gameMode "Turf Zero"

Be sure to save your bitmaps in RGB24 format.

Workshop Map Support

You can upload maps to the Steam workshop! I recommend zipping the world0 folder and then deleting the folder before you upload, as Steam tends not handle very large numbers of small files. Now when you start a game using an existing map, vtserver will check for the existence of world0.zip and unzip it if required. If you look at my example at Steamcommunity.com you can see how I zipped the files.

For Updates, hit Watch, or Get the game now on Steam


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