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Twenty years have passed since the beginning of the Krok'naan Invasion and the galaxy is in an absolute state of turmoil. In these twenty years, the invading xenos managed to consume 13.67% of the entire Galactic Biosphere. Indeed, it seems that the Queen will not stop untill the entire galaxy has been consumed. Despite their seemingly hopeless situation, neither the Confederation nor the Quprr have lost hope. In the year 034T-7 A.I., in one of the biggest Confederate home solar systems, a great battle takes place. The forces of the Krok'naan have completely crushed the local defense, which is now desperately waiting for reinforcements. Your orders from the general are final: hold your position until further notice. Armed with nothing but your tank and few droppable bonuses you can collect, you have to try your best to survive as long as possible.

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