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VoidExpanse™ is a Science Fiction, top-down action roleplaying game set in outer space. Explore the huge open-world of the VoidExpanse, mine asteroids for valuable resources, trade with space stations and merchants to improve your ship or complete quests, advance your character by picking skills from very diverse skill tree, survive fast paced combat with hostile aliens and mercenaries and explore many other features which together make VoidExpanse an exciting Sci-Fi universe!

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kyokei says

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The game, is so well made, is highly moddable and the developers are, if the game is a success, keen on continuing development to improve their game.
In addition to this, the devs have really listened to the community. Discussions have been ongoing on the forums and when an idea was found good, it was implemented.
New patches were delivered on a frequent base which showed the community that they really wanted to have a good game.

Having been Greenlit on Steam they still took their time to make sure that when the game is available on Steam, that it delivers quality.
Instead of putting the game on there the devs asked for feedback on if the game was ready, most of the answers were no and reasons were given. A few weeks later a patch came out with the additions that people said were necessary to get it on Steam.

If people read this review I want them to understand that if they buy this game, that they not only buy an awesome game but that they are funding a game developing team that really creates games that have value. By buying the game you will make sure that VoidExpanse becomes more awesome and that they can make more games!

I didn't give a 10 because well, 10s are overrated! :)


sharklazers says

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VoidExpanse is the result of much love and care from a development team that is committed to releasing the best product they can make. AtomicTorch Studio has been nothing but fantastic to its community, going as far as implementing features requested in their forums within days.
VoidExpanse is a top down space sim game where you can be a mercenary, trader, pirate, miner or anything in between. It features a variety of ships and upgrades, as well as RPG-like skill progression system. Combat is fast and furious, and the different weapons will fit different players' playstyles. While the game is a complete package on its own, AtomicTorch Studio has created the game from the ground up to support modding, allowing the community to create anything from retexturing ships, to game balancing, to total conversions! Overall, there's a good bit of value in this game.


Dertor says

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I like this game! Its reminds me Starcon2, when I played it 15 years ago or more. In my opinion one of the best indie games in the last 5 years, and maybe more...


Psychophobe says

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A well made, old school classic styled top down space shooter, but somewhat reinvented with enough neat touches and modern tweaks to keep it interesting and lively.

Also the team behind the game are very audience focused, adding things the community request, and generally developing the game WITH the community rather than just for the community.


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