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To see the stunning works of architects that no longer exist or remained unimplemented creative ideas and projects of the architects, not on a piece of paper, but in the way you would watch any other ordinary building. To travel in time, recreate the ruined monuments, fly over the city, find ancient castle… To do this, you don’t have to possess super powers that are often attributed to fictional characters. The Virtual Museum of Architecture application for smart phones and desktops is all you need. And the impossible becomes possible: the beauty of architectural concepts reveals itself, real and visible. You can download app and see more details here Vma.vizerra.com

The benefits of application

• The application will be a perfect treat for anyone who knows and loves history, whether as a professional or an amateur. With just one masterpiece of architecture you may discover more about the past than with hundreds of monuments.

• The Virtual Museum of Architecture will be a delight for the eye of those who enjoy travelling and are looking for new impressions. From now on, you can travel while at home or in the office — from anywhere!

• The Virtual Museum of Architecture will be of use for architects and students of architectural schools: they will find a fabulous tool at hand to explore architecture that was never built. This is the only opportunity to see it almost “alive”.

• The application allows art lovers to immerse themselves into the sublime beauty of architecture on call. A tour of the place you jump over to via the application using 3d technology with an all-knowing guide is available for you while on the train, in a café or at home. The main idea and goal of the app is accessibility of cultural heritage for everyone

• The application is essential for parents and teachers who are willing to acquaint their children with culture and history. Children nowadays do not care much about reading books, they feel comfortable using their pads and mobile phones, and they were growing up on computer games. The Virtual Museum of Architecture incorporates a great pool of unique information in an entertaining way. It is perfect entertainment and edutainment.

• The Virtual Museum will provide a nice complement for people who learn foreign languages. The application enables you to steep yourself in the history of architecture offering 5 language options like interactive magazine

Already available for a virtual tour

1. Grand Kremlin Palace (designed by V. I. Bazhenov).

2. Chudov Monastery.

3. Ascension Convent.

4. Baryshnikov’s Homestead.

5. Palace of the Soviets (the design approved for construction).

6. Palace of the Soviets (designed by architect B. M. Iofan).

7. Palace of the Soviets (designed by Le Corbusier).

8. Palace of the Soviets (designed by H. Hamilton).

9. Palace of the Soviets (designed by I. V. Zholtovsky).

10. Rusakov Workers' Club (architecture by K. S. Melnikov).

11. Museum of Military History (architecture by A. V. Pokrovsky, 1910).

12. Neskuchnoye Manor.

13. Pavilions designed by F. O. Schechtel at the Glasgow International Exhibition.

‘I suppose that the most challenging and at the same time necessary thing in architecture is simplicity. The simplicity of form obliges the architect to create fine proportions and correlations that would communicate in harmony,’ wrote Aleksey V. Schusev, whose name was given to the museum. Being able to share the beauty and harmony is of great importance to people, and with the Virtual Museum of Architecture application it is as easy as it comes.

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The Virtual Architecture Museum is not a set of pictures and text. It is a full immersion into an interactive three-dimensional environment with a professional guide, during which the history of the creation of the object of architecture, the reasons for its abandonment or the circumstances of the loss of the given monument are narrated in five languages. For the users of earlier phone models that do not support the detailed 3D graphics, a video-guide is available.

feature graphic

Currently, 13 architectural objects are available in the app, including the Grand Kremlin Palace, Chudov Monastery, Palace of the Soviets and Historical Military Museum projects.


“The Virtual Architecture Museum has allowed people to take a new look at well-known but inaccessible monuments of architecture by using modern technology,” says Alexander Lavrov, the CEO of the 3Dreamteam company, “The app’s audience is unlimited. Architects, historians, educators, art enthusiasts and gamers will find the virtual museum interesting. We wanted to make culture accessible to everyone, and we hope that we have succeeded".


Cost and availability

The Virtual Architecture Museum app is available on Mac, Windoes PC, iOS platforms, versions 8.0 and above, and on Android, versions 4.0 and above. The app is free.

About the company

Since 2008, 3Dreamteam has developed more than 150 interactive software products. Among other, the company has developed more than 20 interactive apps on UNESCO monuments such as Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Bamberg, Stonehenge and other.

The company was twice the finalist of the interactive app competition Unity Awards.

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Virtual Architecture Museum (Windows PC version)

Virtual Architecture Museum (Windows PC version)

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To see the stunning works of architecture that no longer exist or remained unimplemented ideas of the artists, not on a piece of paper, but in the way...

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