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Victum is a game I started making recently, but I thought it was going quite well so I decided to upload it onto here. The idea is basically you can buy buildings - (Castles, Houses, Turrets etc...) - and with them you'll gain resources like gold, wood and stone and with that you can build more buildings and train soldiers to fight other randomly generated settlements. The further away from the origin of the world you are, the more difficult the settlements will be to take over. You'll start out with just a house, with which you can train workers. With workers, you can chop trees, mine rock and metals, hunt and also do a small amount of damage. Once you have gathered wood, you can build other things and carry on like that. Different buildings unlock different technologies such as more units and more buildings, or even spells which you can cast such as lightning strikes If anyone has any ideas either email me or write a comment. Also, I need someone who can do textures so email me if you can do pixel art. You don't have to be amazing, i just need a lot of textures and I don't really have time to do them myself. Also, if anyone wants to help with the actual coding then just email me. :) If anyone wants a playable demo, well you probably don't at the moment but if you REALLY are sure you do then just leave a comment and I'll upload one.

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Hello! I need some textures made so if you are good at pixel art and fancy having your name in the credits then go to the forums and submit some textures. There is a list there of textures I need, but even so you can still make a texture if it isn't there and submit it because I might add it into the game nevertheless!

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Victum Windows, Mac, Linux game

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