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Victoria II: Heart of Darkness is the second expansion for the grand strategy and political simulator Victoria II. This expansion focuses on the Scramble for Africa. Compete with other colonial powers and experience international crises which require Great Power mediation if the world is to avoid war in this experience crafted by Paradox Development Studio.

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it gud

Very cool game :)


Excellent game.

Let's see what I can say about Victoria 2...
Against the original Victoria: This was a much needed improvement graphic wise.
Against Vanila Vic 2: Fixed the glaring issue of the base game like no clear border, grey belgium and yellow prussia (that could go either way)
Against March of the Eagles, far superior in every way

Overall great game with 19th century theme setting.


Only 9, because of no Napoleonic Wars.


it's reeeeally good. that's it

I love it.