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VentureTopia is a original Indie Open World RPG game with non-linear gameplay, the game itself is completely made from suggestions from the community, and will it will be the first indie game with suggestions as the main source for the development, that way we can create a game where everyone feels engaged with the developement by the game. We are going to release this game on Steam Greenlight, and make it a free to play game on steam without any sorts of in-game purchases or dlc because me as a gamer hated dlc since it was released. We make this game because we are dreaming as a child of our own game with our own rules and for us is making that dream reality more important then earning money from it. We will release a Alpha testing, and Beta testing. The story is about a hero, everything is going well in VentureTopia but suddently dark forces are shaking the ground apart and the demonic evilish evil shows up splitting the gems into different places gather the gems & save the world!

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Development starting monday!


Hi everyone i am Gianny van Goch, founder, designer and lead developer for BroskiGames, together with 9 different coders, designers and composers we are going to deliver you a free to play game like no other game the game will give you the freedom to do what you want with no boundaries, with hundreds of side-activities, quests and more! VentureTopia will never let you be bored again. We are excited to do start the project and hopefully you will support us throughout the year of development.

Let the venture begin!

- Devs at Broskigames

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Jan 8 2016

BLACK OPS 3 COD POINTS - My Opinion About COD Points, Are they worth it? (BO3 COD POINTS) Youtu.be

Dec 17 2015

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! Shoutouts for @xKoah @lucasrroni @x_wxbbo_x & more! Youtu.be

Nov 19 2015

FIRST SCREEN OF VENTURE TOPIA! OUT NOW FINALLY! Thanks to our dev @FPSBroski for the pic #LetTheVentureBegin T.co

Nov 2 2015

Get ready for your first Venture! #VentureTopia #LetTheVentureBegins #Indiegame #indie T.co

Nov 2 2015

We are still busy with the game, and we cant show anything this week so i am sorry..

Oct 30 2015

Our first YouTuber NPC is *drumroll* @Litiare

Oct 23 2015

Screenshot Time! T.co

Oct 12 2015

Zakir = life @FPSBroski

Oct 9 2015