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Uprising44 combines third-person action play with real-time strategy. It is a unique combination of the two modes of play, and has an in-depth and interesting story-line which has not yet been used in WWII computer games – the greatest civilian against Nazi occupying forces – the Warsaw Uprising. It is a story of the Silent Shadows - forerunners of modern day special forces - paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to organize resistance and use diversionary tactics in the fight against the forces of the Third Reich. An appropriate audio-visual setting combined with cover system (an excellent, proven method of game play), the story-line, and diverse settings ensure a dynamic and enjoyable game not only for players familiar with this type of theme, but also those merely wanting entertainment.

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doesnt work

The worst game I have ever played. I tried to love it. Game made in Poland about uprising in city where I live. I thought it must be something great.
But when I installed it... It's still in alpha phase. Stupid enemies with no AI, a lot of bugs, HUGE recoil in every weapon. They are more like artillery than handguns. But it doesn't make them so effective. There is a cover system but often when you hide behind a low cover your character is still standing. And if he's crouching enemies don't have any problem with shooting him. It makes covers unuseful.
There is only one way - usually corridor with all doors closed. You can't flank enemies, just go the only right way and try to kill them. And don't forget it's very easy to be out of ammo. Then usually game over and start game (game not level) from beginning. Why? When starting new mission you have the same amount of ammo as in end of the last one.
Any educational aspect? All characters use English names (John, Jimmy, etc.), they speak English, every mission tells a fictional story. You won't learn anything about Poland, Warsaw Uprising, anything.

Looks like wolfenstein

eeeeh, needs polishing, but looks ok from the trailers

-_- game isnt as bad as Some of the raters below seem to think....if you enjoy COD or some of Trayarch's games this game is probably not for you ....but the hate this game is getting is purely opinion based


im sorry,but,its just another allied spec forces game fighting our german soldiers who lacked arty,air support,supplies and reinforcement and we keep seeing these games showing us killed in mass,it was the other way around,make it so,our german soldiers deserve to have their story told or done as a game,we excelled in small squad tactics but there isnt any games showing that


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This game is total crap.

Voice acting and hand motions are horrible, this is the same as all of FPS.


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