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Until None Remain is a futuristic multiplayer first person shooter in a Battle Royale or Last Man Standing format. Matches pit weaponless players against one another in a death match that continues until only one player remains. Players must rush to acquire weapons, armor, or specialty items such as jet packs, or traps. Scale walls or objects using magnetized gloves, jet around the arena in a jet pack, and interact with an environment that includes turrets, explosive containers, noxious gases, and more!

Action takes place on a competitive map with poisonous gases which will push the players inward every five minutes. Matches will last for a maximum of 15 minutes, or until only one player remains. Players will be automatically matched for quick action and will be able to practice in an offline lobby. Matches will take a maximum of five minutes to begin. If a match has not filled up its slots by that time it will fill out the match with AI controlled players.

Key Features

  • Battle Royale gameplay rewards players for obtaining armor, weapons, or utility items.
  • 15 minute matches in a shrinking play area encourage fast action.
  • Automatic multiplayer matching with servers running 24/7.
  • Fully integrated and 3d spatialized voice chat.
  • 5 movement mode options are available for each controller.
  • Holster weapons, utility items, and grenades so that you can retrieve them later.
  • Mine launchers, shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers, pistols, knives, grenade launchers, and five types of thrown grenades.
  • Positional damage, as well as armor and penetration values.
  • Jet packs grant limited flight capabilities to those who find them.
  • Climb walls or objects using magnetic gloves.
  • Full body rendering for all players including automatic crouch detection.
  • Dominant hand support for left handed players.
  • Bots will automatically be spawned if any player slots are empty when a match begins.
  • Powerup system rewards exploration.
  • Block incoming damage with energy shields.
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You can pick up Prevent the Fall and Until None Remain both for under $2 this weekend only as part of a special bundle on Steam.

Prevent the Fall is a dungeon crawling RPG with optional VR and Co-Op support. Until None Remain is a multiplayer VR exclusive Battle Royale game.

If you already own one of the two games you will still be able to take advantage of this sale due to the Complete the Set configuration of the bundle. So how much do you save this weekend?

  • If you own neither title you can pick up both for just $1.96, an 89% discount from standard retail costs.
  • If you own Prevent the Fall you can pick up a copy of Until None Remain for just $1.26, an 84% discount from standard retail costs.
  • If you own Until None Remain you can pick up a copy of Prevent the Fall for just $0.74, a 92% discount.

This bundle will expire on Sunday.

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