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Currently in closed alpha status.

Current Features:

  • (LAN) Multiplayer
  • (optional) Manual loading of vehicles
  • Modding
  • Dynamic¹ Open World

Coming Features:

  • Linux support
  • Different cars
  • Trains
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Tuning
  • Player-Owned Companies / Stock Exchange (MP compatible)
  • ...

Planned features (not in development)

  • Mac Support²

The closed alpha players get at least one update per day and can give instant feedback with the built-in bug reporter.

¹ The player can change the world when buying land to build garages / offices and we often update the map with new houses (first they are construction sites spawning contracts), roadworks (to replace old street models, to add new lanes) and events (music events with shuttle buses) .

² Because Apple does not allow cross-compiling we need a Mac and we won't buy one in near future.

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From XML to JSON

Instead of the XML-Descriptor files we are now using JSON files because they allow us easier parsing in the engine and are generaly easier to read.
We have also developed the FileVersion System. This allows Unreal Transport to ignore missing variables if the FileVersion is not the same as the current
standard. Currently all variables shown in the example below are needed but with future FileVersion we want to add optional parameters such as Author, Website, etc.
While this new filetyp is a mandatory change you can still use the ModAPI V2 and just replace the XML with a JSON file.

Here is our current list of planned parameters:

  • Author
  • FriendlyName
  • FriendlyVersion
  • Moddb Page / Website
  • Folder Path (for shared data between mods)

If you have an idea for additions feel free to share them in the comments!

The current FileVersion is 1.1.


	"FileVersion": "1.1",
	"ModAPI": "3",
	"Id": "example_mod",
	"Version": "1"
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Car Spawner

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Spawn as many vehicles as you like without paying anything!



Debug Tools Other

This debug tool allows you to use the other debug tools that you can download here.

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