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You are a bounty hunter, hired by a large corporation to collect samples of the Infected... an abomination of science and evolution. Beware, you're not the only one after these samples. You must work as a team to collect your bounty and destroy any other corporation that gets in your way. With a plethera of weapon loadouts at your fingertips, and some nasty turrets to help you mow down enemies, you must use your brain and your trigger finger to end up the victor and rake in the spoils. Love guns? Great. We have plenty of 'em. Don't like your enemies? Great. Kill them and steal their money. Like to do as your please? Great. Because you can place turrets wherever you like, and trick them out to do all different kinds of damage. There are three modes of gameplay, outlined below. Please join our forums, as we'll be adding plenty of community created content into the game!

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