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Unlimited Golf is a two dimensional randomly generated golf game currently featuring seven unique course types and infinite holes. Never play the same hole or even course twice! An infinite combination of challenging holes.
The current course types are

  1. Plains
  2. Hills
  3. Dunes
  4. Ponds
  5. Forests
  6. Mountains
  7. Extreme Mountains
  8. Volcanoes
  9. Moon
  10. Jupiter
  11. Asteroid Field
  12. Meteor Shower

Each hole in the randomly generated 9 hole course has a par based on the predicted difficulty of the course, score under par on one course to unlock the next! This game has no micro transactions.


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Hello golfers

I've just released the largest update for Unlimited Golf yet! Five new course types are now available, Volcanoes is an extension of the earth levels and is even more of a challenge than Extreme Mountains. It's essentially Ponds meets Extreme Mountains really. There is now also a parallel level campaign for space levels! These four new courses are unlocked separately from the original Earth levels. The first level is the Moon with less gravity, then Jupiter with more gravity. Next is the moon again with Asteroids hovering in the sky and the current last space course is Meteor Shower which features meteors that shoot across the sky and into the ground.

Since I wanted space levels to feel different and like space the physics have again faced some changes. These are all for the better and the game should feel better and make more sense overall. I am getting less annoying bounces and less rolls over the hole thankfully.

A friend's father was playing my game and had some trouble reading the text while golfing. Included in this update is an option for large gameplay font that will accommodate the glasses wearing crowd.

And since there were more levels I needed to fit more stats into the stat page, hence it has been redone. It is now easier to read and scroll able. This is great as it allows me to start recording and displaying more stats possibly in the future.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the update!

Unlimited Golf Android Release

Unlimited Golf Android Release


Unlimited Golf has released on Google Play for $1.99!

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