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We are in the Aryonian year 4045 on planet Aryion, in the solar system Ferun 3. A developper has launched a very sophisticated program known as XNIRL.

This program was made for the most obsessed hardcore gamers who desire, above all, to face challenges.

Seeing the incredible success on his home planet, the developer decided to launch his game far off in the universe so that it may land on distant planets, where countless users can take part in the journey!

You will take control of Cubi, an evolutive program who must destroy the nasty main program OMEGA, before the red wave reaches the central core.

Earthling, are you ready for the challenges ahead?


Made by a lone developper, UNFAIR is a unique mix of shooter/rpg with top down view. A hard unforgiving game that will test your skills at all times!

- Upgrade Cubi using an RPG progression system. Spend your experiences and fragments in stats and skills and find increases, amplifiers and improvements in order to make him more powerful.

- Once Cubi destroyed, you will lose all unused experiences and fragments. You will have to return to the place of its destruction to recover them, if you are destroyed in the meantime, you will lose them permanently.

- Fun with programs that don't take themselves seriously. They will accompany you throughout the adventure.

- Fight different programs (enemies and bosses) with each their own unique abilities and behaviors.
- Explore XNIRL and search every nook.
- 3 different endings possible and 3 difficulty settings.

- Move around and use the basic abilities (shot, loaded shot, melee and dash) and the skills (stun, invisibility, shield and explosion) available to destroy your enemies.
- Dynamic camera with the possibility of temporarily de-zoomed in order to better judge a situation and make up a strategy before going in.
- Unlock the energy prisms to go through destruction surfaces, resist enemy projectile or regenerate your life.
- Traps to dodge and phases of dexterity and analysis are also part of it.
- Mechanisms to activate or it will be necessary to be fast and to understand the meaning.

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