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Unending Galaxy is a unique space-sim in which you can fill any role from pirate or trader to the leader of a large galactic empire.

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Blue4dead says

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I just fall in love with this game...
Being free to extand your empire,
Start from a small crew or start as an empire,
I just love all the features. Of course, as every game, it can have some changes, but it's woth it.


MirceaDogaru says

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It's more than just a game, it's an experience. A vast, almost unending (no pun intended) universe filled with content, great faction AI, simple but functional graphics and interface and a polished feel make this a must-play for any space games fan.

9/10 simply because there is no sound and ship animations can be a bit weird as they turn, but let's not forget that this game is not even in Beta.

From being a small time crook to running an empire, this game offers everything you might want. And it will get even better, I'm sure about that.


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