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You are the last 4 survivors on your spacecraft! Can you and your team pilot the ship to its destination? Work together to unlock modules and build a spacecraft that you will take on your voyage. You will have to run around activating modules on the ship so designing efficient layouts is key.

Your local friends can play together at one computer using a keyboard or controllers. There is also online multiplayer, allowing you to connect with those who are not at your house. You can play with a combination of local and online players and even throw in some AI players to fill your team.

In this game you must make real time decisions and prioritise your efforts to help your team, fans of FTL / Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime / Galaxy Trucker / Space Cadets / Artemis will enjoy this!

  • Online play through Steam's invite system
  • Huge unlock tree with ships and modules you can add.
  • Customisable spaceships
  • Why is everyone a clone? And what is the mission about? Find out story in the campaign

Making a spaceship that fits your play style is key. Some teams will want a ship with loads of guns, some teams will want a tactical ship with lots of flexibility to deal with every situation. Deciding how much of your spaceship you want to dedicate to shields, repair droids or holographic medics will change how you and your team play the game.

It's a tough decision having to pick if you want to have a ship with good stats or use a ship with lots of slots to place modules or even have a ship with a convenient layout where it is easy to get between different locations.

Each player receives skill points that purchase new modules that can be installed onto the ship. There is one huge tree of unlockable content so coordinating with your team to most efficiently cover the skill tree will benefit everyone.

This vast circular skill tree allows you to specialise while still staying flexible. A crew member focusing on weapons might choose to change their path and develop expertise in shields while retaining their progress.

At the end of each skill tree is a brand new spaceship you can unlock that is particularly suited to that area.

Playing with your friends is easy! We’ve made it so your friends can join together through Steams invite system or have multiple people playing at the same computer. You can even mix and match both!

We love gamepads but we know not everyone has one, if you fancy getting much closer to your friends everyone can play on the same keyboard. The whole campaign is designed to be played with your friends so any combination of keyboard, controllers and online play work.

If you don’t have enough people for a full crew our super smart bots can fill in the missing slots, this allows you to play everything single player.

The story starts just as a disaster kills off the crew leaving just 4 people left. You and your team are tasked to complete the mission. Get your team together and get the ship to the end of the journey.

Find out why the whole crew are clones and what the original mission was.

At the end of each level you will have a decision to make that will change future levels. Find out about the story in different ways to other people and replay the campaign to find out the full tale.

Beam Lasers – Life in space can be mean, show them you can handle yourself with these hot hot lasers.

Holographic Medic – Space is dangerous, especially for a ragtag crew of loose-cannons who don’t play by the rules and injuries will happen, In the past we used to train humans to be doctors but this takes too long so why not get a computer to do it for you.

Bridge – Every ship needs a captain, and every captain needs a comfy place to sit.There are plenty of different bridges to choose from, changing the stats of the ship, adding features or giving you other functionality. The captain is going to think they are the most important person, but really they are just pointing where to go and wearing the fanciest hat.

Shields – Using shields will be critical, they block incoming attacks but break under heavy damage. There are various shield types, which can take more damage, cover a larger area, or recover faster, so choose wisely to survive for as long as possible.

Missiles – You know what's better than one missile? Lots of missiles! These weapons track down enemies and do damage in an area. However they take a long time to reload, which does give the bad guys time to wonder whether you might be over-compensating for something.

Space Batteries – Not sure what space batteries are? They are like normal batteries but in space.

Cloning Room – Why use medical assistance when we can just print you out a clone when you die? The most time consuming part is all the paperwork.

Repair Droids – At some point someone’s going to scratch the paintwork on your spaceship, who’s going to go and fix it? Not me! Repair robots are cheap, disposable and you can turn the volume down when they start to complain.

Shell Guns – These weapons will be your main way of attacking, they come in a variety of styles to suit your opponents. Some are more effective at destroying things at range, some are better at getting groups of enemies. We’ve found these to be far more effective than diplomatic negotiations.

Warp Speed – Sometimes you just need to be somewhere else really, really quickly. I’m not running away! It’s a tactical decision.

Energy Room – There are no hairdryers on this ship but too much has been plugged in. Dave down the corridor must have left all the laser guns on again, lucky we brought some batteries to help charge up the energy. He keeps doing this, someone really should tell him.

And over 100 more rooms!

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Greetings Captains.

As I type this Undercrewed is on sale on Steam, if you havent already got it you can pick it up here: Store.steampowered.com

I’ve been releasing a lot of exciting new content recently so I just wanted to give a rundown of some of the latest additions Undercrewed.

Everything-Needs-Ammo update

In this update you will now find yourself also having to keep your ship weapons filled with ammo. As you build your spaceship placing your ammo store room in a convenient place is going to be vital because your crew are going to be running between it and the guns shuttling ammo around.

No one will be around to save you if you can’t shoot back!

ammo refill 1s

AI-Not-Being-So-Stupid update

This update is a laundry list of small changes that make your onboard AI crew better to work with. Undercrewed can be played between 1 and 4 players, however there are always 4 crew on your spaceship and if you don’t have a human friend to control them you are going to want this new smarter AI to help you out.

Keep an eye out for the new “moonwalking AI crew” bug that I accidentally introduced in this patch.

ai changes a old vsai changes a new vs

You-Get-A-Shield-And-You-Get-A-Shield update

When I launched the level Celestus (oh yeah that was also in this update) I wanted to theme the enemies around having their own shield to protect their spaceships, however I found them so entertaining to blast away from enemies I actually went around and added them to some other enemies as well.

cele shield 1 vs

10-To-Beam-Up-date (also called the Waaaaaaarp update)

This update brought a new enemies and a mission to Undercrewed. Set on the world of Elonsium it features an enemy that has mastered teleportation, they can move everything from their huge gargantuan ships down to warping their monstrous crew onboard your spaceship. Luckily you have onboard defenders that you can activate to beat them down.


Phew, that seems like a lot for just a couple of months. And this doesn't include a huge number of fixes and smaller additions like new rooms and content. I have loads of updates coming up as well so keep an eye out for those.

You can get Undercrewed here: Store.steampowered.com

As always you can see what I am working on every day on the Undercrewed Trello.
Join the community on Discord.
We also have a Facebook and Twitter if you want to get news about new patches and updates I do.

Lots of love
> David Strachan

Devlog 13 - New Missions Added to Undercrewed!

Devlog 13 - New Missions Added to Undercrewed!


New levels have been added to Undercrewed with a whole fresh set of enemies to fight and challenges to face. Read more about it here.

Devlog 12 - New Missions and Enemies Coming to Undercrewed

Devlog 12 - New Missions and Enemies Coming to Undercrewed


Check out the new tech we have for enemies; emp guns, enemy shields, boarding enemies, new sound tech, new aesthetic bullet changes, more/better debris...

We have lift-off! Undercrewed is now in Early Access!

We have lift-off! Undercrewed is now in Early Access!


Grab your captain hat and your second in command! Undercrewed just launched on Steam Early Access.

New Trailer for Friday's Launch

New Trailer for Friday's Launch


Undercrewed will be launching on Friday! Come and see the new trailer.


All the years ive been here ive NEVER won ANYTHING! I think it's just a BS sales gimick!

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this is one i'd love to win!

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Looks so cool!

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