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Ages have passed since the last of those old-school pixel monsters vanished. The life of the last Undead Hunter twins was quiet and calm. They thought there weren't any monsters in the world anymore and the twins were the only pixel characters left. But suddenly one of them got nabbed by a humongous monster. And as the mystical old Gramps says - there is no other way to rescue the twin but to kill everything that moves!

Jet between peculiar places and times to find out who pulls the strings in this mysterious story!

Please support us on Steam Greenlight: Undead Hunter on Greenlight

"Undead Hunter" is an old-school one screen arcade game, where your protagonist is equipped with one of those wierd weapons of old times which were used at the very dawn of computer games to hunt monsters. But of course you can pick up a big deal of different power-ups during the game, like guns (including "Tesla-gun"), bombs, dynamite and all that. And even destroy monsters with your bare hands (bare legs to be honest), stomping them into the dust.

Mostly monsters in the game split into several spawns of smaller kind until you kill the smallest ones. Though some of them have only one form with a special ability. And yes, you are surely gonna face several bosses as well.

Tha game is on its Gold Master stage and is going to be soft-launched on Windows 10 Mobile platform soon.

  • A multitude of different levels
  • Huge variety of enemies and bosses to avenge
  • Hard mode with alterated levels
  • Different worlds (that's how we put our awesome animated backgrounds!) to travel
  • Collectible awards for each mission
  • A lot of different power-ups
  • A bunch of deadly weapons
  • Playable twins
  • Quest and Survival modes
  • Online score table
  • High replayability
  • Strong and beany narrative

Platforms we'd like to release the game for: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile.

People who are now dying to see the game greenlit:

Idea, Story & Code: Rodion Chikin

Art: Vlad Gusev

Music: Alexander Logvinov

English jokes: Scott Jackson

Testing: Konstantin Tsarapkin, Nikita Silchenko, Eugenios Muratidis

Our site: Gameplay-labs.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

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The game was just released. Since I'm too old for these money sucking strategies they use nowadays, you can download and play the game for free and decide whether you want to pay for it or not quite a bit deep into the game. So at least download it and give it a chance!

So, here is the link: Play.google.com

"Undead Hunter" is live now!

"Undead Hunter" is live now!


Fresh brand new game Undead Hunter goes live! Ages have passed since the last of those old-school pixel monsters vanished. The life of the last Undead...

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Undead Hunter Windows, Mac, iOS, Android game

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